Why Make Art?

As I’ve thrown myself deeply into the art world, I’ve learned that it’s not only me, ALL artists are hounded by an inner critic that stops them in their tracks with the nasty little muse-killer questions:  “Why make art?  What’s the point?”  One evening when I was doing my first “Journal Spilling” inspired page, that critic stopped me cold.  For a moment.  Then I decided to journal on THAT.  And as I did, the answers came.

Why?  This is Why!


Click on the pictures to see them much bigger.

I have since seen so many artists struggle with this over and over, and of course, that wasn’t the critic’s last visit to my head, either, so I decided to list all the reasons here, and I am also thinking of doing a piece or page or some kind of work featuring each one.

Here are the reasons I have come up with so far:

It’s fun.  Which releases seratonin.  And that positively impacts all of life, including immune system, relationships, and of course, mental health, particularly depression and other mood disorders.

Building creativity is good in ALL situations.  In fact, only creativity ever solved any problem.

Builds self-love and self-esteem through giving you a chance to create something, accomplish something, explore things, and know yourself better.

Gives you a way to find community with brave, creative people plugged into Creator Source, and those are the best kind of people.  (Hey!  That’s you!)

Gives you a chance to process the crap in your life.  To move the negative energy OUT onto the page/canvas/substrate so you can make room for positive energy to come IN.

Gives you a way to record and celebrate the GOOD that happens in your life.

You learn to have an appreciation and curiosity about the visual world which has you looking for things to LIKE and helps you appreciate ordinary and even ‘ugly’ things, which starts what Abraham-Hicks calls a Rampage of Appreciation, and that appreciation energy is the most powerful way to bring more and more and more GOOD into your life.

Has you engage the right side of the brain, the intuitive side, which taps you into a whole new stream of information and way of knowing.

Visual journaling, or art journaling, in particular, engages BOTH sides of the brain in the journaling/self-exploration process, the left brain which communicates in words and the right brain which communicates in images.

It plugs you into Creator Source.  What is the Creator but creative energy?  And what are we but Creator’s physical hands here to create things in the physical world so Creator can experience itself physically?  Whenever we create even the smallest thing, we are directing that God-force through us and bringing Heaven to Earth.

“Earth without art is just ‘eh’.

I’ll be posting new reasons as I figure them out/learn them along the way.  Please add your own in the comments!  We can get an amazing, co-creative list going and pass it around.  And yes, please link to this, share it, print it out, write it, draw it, dance it, sing it, sculp it, cook it, and create it all over the planet!

9 responses to “Why Make Art?

  1. When you create art, you immortalize yourself and lend your unique voice to the history of humankind.

    Beautiful post, Love.

  2. Great list! I don’t know if it is the same for everyone, but making art is the only way I have to tell other people who I am. This is me, this is who I am and what I do, not because I am any good at it but because it is what I need to do.

  3. I think it helps make sense of what is going on in my life.

  4. Kel

    art has been my lifeline
    medicine, soul balm
    another way to communicate

  5. Satina, it is a beautiful post. I love your insightful writing. I suggest you to leave that question opened in your site or here. I am already amazed the reasons other people have for making/doing/inventing art.

    Your article/reflection/exploration/inner being/essence brings extraordinary reasons to make art. It is a beautiful article, and a question that I have asked to myself many times.

    Why do I create/invent/make (yes, create) art? It helps me to bring out my beauty and my beast (in a beautiful/positive expression). It is the way I bring balance into my life. It is a healing process where insanity needs to go. It is a process of silent my self negative talking. When I create art, I feel so close to God’s essence, essence where I do belong. I create or re-create from my thoughts or spirit something that I have never ever seen before. I feel like a scientific making a new invention……..It is THE way my heart smiles, and when my heart smiles, I know my mind, soul, and spirit are synchronized dancing the swam’s dance expressing totally and freely who I am because I paint with my heart and not with my brain.

    I am Mavi a free spirit, a blueeagle that is living in a historical moment where she doesn’t belong, but always looking for those kindred artistic souls of the universe.


    Two artists that I love and admire because they stood in their beliefs when anybody believe in them. They made the difference against all the odds. Now, the world recognizes them as great artists and genius. Unique people and independent thinker are the human beings I respect the most.(Mavi’s quote)

    “We do not recognize any difference between great and minor art, between the art of the rich and that of the poor. Art belongs to all.” Gustav Klimt

    ………….We all are artists on here, Souljournaling, don’t think for a moment we are not.

    There are painters, thank God, who go their own way, imperturbable, strong and free. They spread the good and the beautiful. They have an aura like a dark glowing.They are our hope. Hendertwasser

    …………………We all on Souljournaling have our own unique aura. This is the beauty of being artist.(Mavi’s quote).

    Happy messy painting day!………smile!!!!!

  6. delilahwhy

    It is the world my being wants, and I feel compelled to make it.

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