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New year, new blog name, new youtube channel!

Happy new year to everyone!

If your life is *anything* like mine, change has become your only constant. So I’m dropping in here to share my newest changes with anyone who might still be interested.

When I chose the name Flighty Artist, for both my blog and my Youtube channel, I had the intention of sort of ‘reclaiming’ a phrase that was always kind of an insult in my world. But as I began to take my explorations of self through art more and more seriously, the name began to feel less and less comfortable. And with this new year, my entire life is refocusing around the quest for wholeness through art, so I really felt I needed a new name.

I am discontinuing this blog (but leaving it up) and am moving to a new one called The Artful Journey.

I am also creating a new Youtube channel under the same name, where I plan to start doing my very first videos very soon.

Thank you to everyone who has given me love and support here over the past few years!


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I don’t hide.

I’m not taking the post or comments down.  I was warned about Effy Wild when I talked about her Book of Days and Sisters of the Book group and told a new art journaler they should look into it, and someone privately asked me not to.  I asked why and they said they couldn’t give details.  I did a search to find information on what they were talking about but could find nothing.  So I continued being a member and supporter of Book of Days.

I now realize that people have been scared into taking down information that would have saved me some pain.  And I’m not at all happy about my art blog turning into a knock-down, drag-out fight, but I am not shocked, either.  As I’ve said, I’m a shaman and spiritual warrior and have been sent into so many different things to root out the dark that nothing surprises me anymore.  I did tell Effy that I thought we had worked together in another lifetime, and I still think that’s true.  I probably tried to keep her from hurting her followers in that one, too.  I told her I could see the mistakes she was making because I’d been there.  That’s true, too.  (I didn’t steal anyone’s work, but I did like being worshipped a few times, myself.)  I’ve made amends to anyone I wronged through my mistakes.  I wrote the book on transparency.

Effy Wild has said she will share our private correspondence with anyone who asks, which I think is morally deplorable, but I have nothing to hide, so please ask if you’re curious.  I also never turned off email notification on the facebook group, so I have everything that was said between us publicly there, including the part that the individual in the comments left out at the top that actually opened the conversation.

I was warned in a nightmare that I needed to get my personal information off that list immediately.  I got up in the middle of the night and did it.  I have been up against so many psychic attacks and worse that when I get a warning, I follow it.  When I went in to delete my personal information, I should have followed the guidance that whispered to delete it all.

Maybe someone else will.  Or maybe it will be copied and pasted and sold to mailing list companies for thousands of dollars as verified marketing demographics.  Or maybe just shared in other blog comment boxes.  Or read aloud on youtube.  Or given to prison inmates looking for penpals.

I did what I could to alert unaware people to the dangers.

I don’t hide.

No one here has any idea what I’ve been through as a spiritual warrior, but you can do some google searches and you’ll find I don’t hide.  I have another blog, New Earth Servers, that documents an expose that happened last October wherein I was attacked by another very unstable and destructive individual for trying to protect members of his group.  I left that up, full name and all, and I’ll leave this up.  And that was only the most recent (until this one) of many, many dark situations I’ve been sent in to expose.  I’ve had far worse than unfounded or even founded legal threats.

It would have been nice, I suppose, to have an ‘art life’ and a ‘spiritual warrior life’, and just keep them separate so I didn’t have to ‘work’ everywhere I went, but obviously I was sent into this situation because it is meant for me to do otherwise.

I will say it again.  I.  Don’t.  Hide.  I have spent years doing enough personal work and public work that I don’t have to.  You will find nothing on me that I’m not proud to share.

Know me better:

Google my name.  Google my spiritual online username:  dharmaworker  I’ve been working spiritually for over ten years.  I don’t slander or spread libel, but I tell the truth.  And it makes a lot of people very angry.  Some think I’m crazy (true), some think I’m a bitch(true), and some think I’m part of a dark ops corp in the CIA, headed by Satan(not true).  Some don’t.  I leave it to you to decide.  Here, I just wanted to be a flighty artist.

This is the last I will say about Effy Wild or Book of Days or Sisters of the Book or any of that other situation, but I will leave up the discussion that erupted within my comments.  I suggest that if you want to continue to have this discussion that you create a blog for it or use your own blog or create a facebook group for it or open a chatroom or…something else.  I want people to be warned, too.  But I just want this to be a place I can share my art.

That’s all.



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I am revoking any and all endorsement of Book of Days or Sisters of the Book with Effy Wild.

If you read older posts in this blog, you may see things about a group I was involved with called Book of Days also known on Facebook as Sisters of the Book, controlled by Effy Wild, so I want to be very clear that I am officially revoking any and all endorsement for Effy Wild’s Book of Days, Sisters of the Book, Wild Precious Life, or anything else she is involved in.  All promotional materials related to her have been removed from the site and all connections are hereby severed.



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Intuitive Guide Drawing Process

I wish I had the set of sketches to go along with this post, but I’ve moved a lot on my spiritual journey and I don’t know what happened to them.  I was asked in a comment what my process was for doing these, so I thought I would make it a post in case anyone else wanted to try it.

I’m a spiritual life and business coach and intuitive reader/healer in my other life, and what I would do is ‘tune in’, which is how I describe the process of going from primarily beta consciousness to alpha-theta, where we connect with intuition, then I would ask if a faerie or guide or angel or other being were there who would like to be drawn, then I would put pen to paper and just draw in a very free, semi-trance way, the same way I do a reading. I would spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes per sketch, and if I felt it wanted color, I’d use some colored pencil to quickly add it where it needed to be, and if a name came to me, I’d write that down, too.

I always make sure to protect myself beforehand so that only those beings who serve love and light can communicate with me.  I haven’t done this intuitive drawing process in a few years, actually.  I forgot all about it until someone suggested in a comment that I sketch my muses!  I will look around and see if those sketches are around here somewhere.  I will also see if I can set some time aside to do some more and post the results here.  🙂  Maybe I can even add doing sketches of people’s Guides to my services.  That might be fun…


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I turned 42 on January 29.  I had a lovely, peaceful, positive birthday, and then I fell into a rather deep depression.  Not suicidal deep, but no fun, either.  A lovely, wise woman from my Book of Days group, Maryann, said that 42 is a very powerful birthday for a woman, when she tends to pop out of the grid.  Which made me think of the fact that when we undergo a jump in frequency, or a large initiation in our lives, we usually feel crappy for about 3 days, because we are higher and lighter and so we feel all the heavy stuff even more as it is leaving our new level of being.

Plus, I don’t know about you, but my life has been shifting out from under me in huge ways this past week.  I mean BIG things that truly change my life and that of my family in ways that are totally out of our control.  Every day it seems things are shifting, and there is NO stable foundation to stand on.  That was really getting to me.  I was angry and frustrated and going into a fear spin about it all, feeling totally out of control and not knowing one damn thing I could do about it.

So I just decided to get through it.  And last night I hit a low, and my partner and I had a really good, deep talk, then things shifted again this morning and we had another one.  I’d be lost without her, by the way.  Anyway, afterward, I journaled about it.  And I realized…

If things are constantly shifting in huge ways…which they most certainly ARE for us…then they can easily shift just as rapidly in wonderful, miraculous ways, too!  Plus, these shifts that we were seeing as scary and some of them bad are really just different!  We have NO way of knowing what they really mean, only that they are changing our lives in big ways.  Then I started to wonder when it was that I stopped believing that I could have what I wanted (as long as it was aligned with the Highest Good)?  Was it when things were going so peacefully and so well, and then something shook that up?  Well, that’s stupid.  Things are going well so I lose my belief?  I don’t like the cycles of up/down, bad/good, but where there is a down, there will be an up, and in my life in the past few years, the up times have just gotten longer and longer and my life has just gotten better and better…so really, what needs to SHIFT now is my mind!  My attitude…my mindfulness…my thoughts!  When I feel a negative reaction, I need to examine what faulty beliefs are leading me to feel bad.  I need to look at the Truth, in the Now, and remember what I TRULY believe.

The Truth:  My life is totally rearranging itself around me, not like I expected or would choose…and because I am NOT all-knowing or all-seeing, I cannot possibly know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.  And since I believe that after everything I’ve been through, now is MY TIME for things to just get better and better…well, hey, that must mean these are good things even if I can’t see how at this moment!

So I made this page to commemorate and remind myself of this realization so that I won’t forget it again as things continue to shift in this phenomenally-transforming reality we are currently living in.


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29 Faces in 29 Days

Feeling BLARGH the past few days, so I thought I’d take my arty friend, Melisa, at Toad in a Boat, up on her invitation to join her in the 29 Faces in 29 Days project.  I will do a face every day, starting February 1st, and post it here.  I really like doing faces, and this actually sounds fun.


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Journaling Deep

As you have probably noticed, I often go very deep in my art and art journaling and explore some very deep, personal, and dark themes.  Honestly, you won’t see most of those pages here.  But I take art and art journaling very seriously and want to provide a place for those who feel the way I do to gather and share the process.

I have created a closed facebook group called Journaling Dark and Light.  No one except approved members can see the posts or albums in this group.  Anyone who wants to go deep in their art and journaling and can handle watching others bleed out on the page is free to join.  Just click on the button on the page above the description to send me a request.  Due to the very intimate nature of the group, please don ‘t join unless you at least intend to talk, if not share art yourself.  This is not a place to lurk.  This can be a place to talk, share art, support one another, and to recieve support when you need it.  I will share totally optional prompts as well as links I feel may be relevant to personal growth.  And I will work very hard to keep it a SAFE PLACE.

Journaling Dark and Light  <—Click here to request membership.

(“Surrender”, done in pencil on sketchbook paper.  It would seem an extremely mild example, but if I shared the processing behind it, that would be the kind of thing shared in this new group.)

Please do feel free to tell others about it!  I personally have not been able to find a forum for this type of sharing.


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