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Pen and Ink sketch, Oil Pastel sketch

I’m totally cheating on the faces thing, but I figure I am doing 29 faces, just not within the 29 days, so I’ll categorize them that way to make them easy to find.

I decided to experiment with my Portfolio water-soluble oil pastels and do a face yesterday.  I enjoyed using them!  I can’t believe how great they are for the price.  They’re very creamy, and even though they only make 24 colors, they’re great ones and make for a very versatile palette, in my opinion.  They would work for portrait, landscape, and bright abstract or graphic stuff.  I liked being able to work and re-work a bit, and I loved blending and softening with water and paintbrush.  I should have done her in my Sketchbook, but I forgot and put her in my Faces journal.  Oh well.  Here she is:



Then today I decided to get brave again and sketch my own son.  I used my Tradio Fountain Pen for the first time.  It works great, having a new style of flat, hard, fiber nib.  It gives a bit rougher line than the Sensei Mangas, though.  I think I prefer the Senseis for sketching.  But the Tradio will be great for writing.  This took about 10 – 15 minutes, and I did remember to do this one in the Sketchbook.  He’s playing one of his fave video games, “Tales of Symphonia,” so that’s what I call it:



Happy March!  I’m ready for a very exciting month, and we even have partly sunny skies today.  🙂


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Sketchbook Product Pages and Scribble Faces

I have also been doing sketchbook pages!  See, I’m really not a slacker.  All the time.  In every way.  So yeah, anyway, Jerry’s Artarama sent me some free acrylic guoache paints to try out with my last very big order, so I did!  They are Turner Acryl Gouache, and they gave me a red, a yellow, and a blue.  They are FUN!  For one thing, they dry almost instantly after you lay them down, which makes for some interesting experiments for someone who likes spontaneous abstracts.  (Me me me!)  For another, their pigments are very vivid.  I will have to look into some other colors to try.  And no, they didn’t ask me to review these (please please please, art stores, send me free stuff to review!) and I am not getting compensated.  I just got free stuff cuz I have ordered so much stuff lately.  Here are the spreads done with them:

The page on the left above is mixed media, acrylic watered down with glaze added, water soluble graphite, yellow neon poster paint marker from Sharpie, and fuschia India ink.  The page on the right is more Turner Acryl Gouache.

I also played around with my new Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils on the right of this one, and did some more scribble sketches on the left:

I also did a mixed media page with the India ink and white acrylic paint:

And two pages of abstract watercolor experimentation:

Those are actually what made me want to try the larger watercolor paintings.

And hey, I’m totally going to count my scribble sketches as my ‘catch-up’ faces.  Heehee…now I believe I’m only 2 behind.

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Faces # 18 and 19, Sketchbook pages

I drew the continuous line drawings for these faces about a week ago, then painted them the last couple of days.  # 18 on the right, Blue Woman, was a laborious painting during a bad night.  I like the way she FINALLY turned out, but I didn’t like how much I had to work and re-work her.  I was cut-off from my flow, and I felt it.  But doing the blue side opened a bit of flow for the red side, which came more easily and also, fittingly enough, represents more of how I was feeling.  I think I was afraid to let it out in my art, so I tried to make the blue woman pretty, but when I started painting the red woman, I saw my feelings manifest in the paint.  It happened, like the best art always does, rather than me making it.  I like her.  These are done on the Sketchbook Project pages I hand-tore to size and will go in the Sketchbook:



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Face #15, Sketchbook page 2

Here she is:


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Face #15, Sketchbook page 1!

Here is Face #15, also the first page done for my Sketchbook Project!  I actually have several faces drawn in the Glaze pen ready to be painted, and one other face finished.  I decided that until I’m bored with them, I will paint these faces as my Sketchbook entries.


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Confession Time…The Countdown Has Begun!

I received my Sketchbook Project sketchbook in the mail yesterday!  It’s so small!  It’s got 36 pages, so that’s not too bad, and the paper is not as thin as last year, from what I hear.  It’s thinner than I use, so that will make a big difference in how I use it.  I will very likely do the art on other papers and then glue them in.  Its size isn’t too intimidating, so I think I can actually do this.  It has a very plain recycled cardboard cover, so I’ll have to think about what to do to change that.  Especially since I seem to have already gotten a little bit of a grease stain on it.  What.  I don’t know how, it just…happened?  Anyway…here it is with some of my beloved Sakura Glaze Gelly Roll pens for scale.  No, I don’t get paid for saying that, but I should.  I’m a Gelly Roll junkie.

Okay so, I’ve realized something, a little bit more of my art-crazy, over the time of doing the 29 Faces project, that may be an obstacle to overcome with this one, too.  Whenever I have any kind of art assignment…ANY…whether I’ve given it to myself or someone has given it to me, I immediately resent art.  I feel like just because I’m somewhat good at it, that now I’m expected to just do it.  Which is ridiculous, because once I put a mark on the page or canvas, I can’t stop.  But that first mark…damn how I resent having to make it sometimes.  LOL!  Yes, I resent myself.  What the…seriously?  Shan suggested it was a clever ploy by the Inner Critic to get me to not take the risk of making art.  The Critic knows just how to stop me, and for me, that’s making me feel like I ‘have’ to do something.  So my Critic says, “You don’t have to make that!  Screw that challenge!  Screw that project!  Nobody can make you do it!”  And it is quite the challenge to remember that it is I who has chosen to make the art in the first place, not them.  And yes, art school was a huge challenge for me and I didn’t do very well.  The best way to get me not to do something is to tell me I have to do it.

So I may even have to psyche myself out with things like, doing art with the the intention of NOT putting it into the sketchbook, just so that I end up with something to put in there.  Like, “I refuse to work in the sketchbook, I’m just going to go play with my markers!”  *sticks out tongue*  Then I can sneak those sketches in later when the Inner Critic is complaining about the grease stain.

So yeah…it has begun.  The battle between me and the Inner Critic and the Sketchbook.  Tune in to watch it unfold…(by clicking the button to subscribe to posts by email.)  😀


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6 Sketches

Brushing up (haha!  Oh wait, I didn’t use a brush.) on my sketching to get ready for my Sketchbook Project.  Each sketch took me around 10 minutes, though I didn’t use a timer.

Sakura Identi-pen (which I am sorry to say I do not recommend) on sketch paper.  The pen can’t handle fast strokes and goes dry, at least on the extra fine end, since it’s dual-ended.


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