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I made a “Girl’s Survival Kit”

Okay, I saw this tutorial on Pinterest:  And I thought it was absolutely awesome.  So I made one and sent it off in a swap!  It is soooo easy, and I got everything I needed for it, except the potholder, at the dollar store!  I LOVE dollar store crafts.  They did have potholders there that night, but they were a bit small.  I was at Honks today and they have a bigger one that’s dark blue with plaid, kinda butch and cool.  But I got a set of 2 simple red potholders at Shopko for $2 and that’s what I used.  All you do is use a zigzag stitch to sew in 10 snack-size zipper baggies, then fill the baggies with little essentials.  You sew on a button, and the potholders even already have the loop and are ready to go!  Here’s mine:


Here it is closed up with a pin cushion on a ribbon wrapped around it, which is how I sent it.  I didn’t get a picture of it without that, I’m afraid.  The pin cushion can be tied onto your sewing machine, by the way.  Or around your wrist, or you can wear it as a pendant.  And the round middle of the flower, the stuffed part, is stuffed with steel wool to keep pins sharp.  But anyway…back to the Survival Kit, which I would rename, a “Just In Case.”  Get it?  Because it’s kind of a case full of things to have on hand just in case.  Yeah, so anyway…


You can see how the loop fastens around the button and makes a handy little clutch.  And I made a list of everything that was packed into it (and it was stuffed!):



I think this would make a unique, super easy, and super useful gift for anybody.  I plan to make more, that’s for sure!  I need one for myself for starters!

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I made stuff again! Watercolor inchies, sewing kit, wrist pincushion, sketchbook cover, bookmark!

I made stuff again.  After a long, dark time.  I made the inchies a week ago, and I made the sewn things last night.  I haven’t posted my sewing/crafting projects here before, because I kind of stopped crafting when I started doing the art, but now I’m more into the craft than the art at this time, so I’ll be adding that to the blog.

The first thing I made was these inchies:

I made them for a swap on  They are Yarka watercolor on Stonehenge paper.  It was good to paint again.  🙂  (If you are new to the word, ‘inchies’ are little pieces of artwork that are just one inch by one inch in size, and people do them in all kind of media.  They’re harder and more fun than they look…or at least, than they looked to me when I discovered them!  And they are even harder to photograph!)

Last night, I finally fired up the sewing machine after months of disuse.  First, I made a needlebook/hand-sewing kit to carry around with me, mostly to the couch, to do hand-sewing and embroidery-type projects.  I designed as I went, and it’s a very simple design that of course took me way too long to work out on the fly.

Then I wanted a matching wrist pincushion, so I did that on the fly, too, and it also took me way longer than it looks.

The little pincushion on top is velcro’d on and I can detach it.

I’m going to make a strap for my sewing machine to strap it there sometimes, I think.  But that fabric is just tiny scraps, so I don’t think I have enough to do a matching one.  I want to make a sewing machine cover, apron, and thread-catcher, too.

Lastly, I made a cover for my new sketchbook out of drop cloth.  I call it, “Overcomplicated Primitive,” because once again, rather than go safe with a light cotton and turn the seam allowances in and all that, I had to adapt my usual easy pattern to leave the seams raw.

Not that big a deal until I had to fit these double loops in just right,

so that when I put my mechanical pencil (.9mm point) in them, they hold the book shut.

I also made a little matching bookmark to tuck into it.

I’m having so much fun sewing again.  🙂  It’s exciting to be enjoying *anything* again this much, and it feels so good to be ‘up’ enough to make actual stuff.



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