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Art Journaling again!

Well, I’m doin’ it again.  I’ve been slurping up art journaling videos on youtube, (you can see what I like on my Flighty Artist Channel) especially my favorites Leslie Herger, Diana Trout, and Jennibellie, and I took the plunge today and spilled some myself.  I just kept Leslie’s (Comfortable Shoes)’s words in my head:  “It’s about process, not product.”  And Diana Trout’s Journal Spilling advice to, “Keep moving, don’t think.”  And I ended with a new avatar image for my craftster account!  I was totally about the process, though, and didn’t even think of using it for that myself, even though the whole thing started by me just randomly stamping with my goddessgarb stamp all over a page.  When it was nearly done, my partner came and saw it and immediately suggested I use it for my avatar, which is perfect, since the username comes from there.  Here it is:

Mixed media in Strathmore Visual Journal.  Homemade stamps, a custom stamp, purchased stamp, alphabet stamps and white pigment ink, Sakura Glaze pen, Bic White Out pen, white Uniball Sigmo gel pen, Krylon gold paint marker, Inktense Blocks, Crayola Twist-Up Metallic Crayons, and I think a Sharpie red Poster Paint marker.  Plus a couple of ribbon scraps and a couple of stamps I got in swaps that I particularly liked.  Oh, and black paint sprayed through a mister and alphabet stencil.  And blue painter’s tape.

It was FUN.  I nearly rinsed my paint brush in my chai tea, but disaster was averted at the very last second.


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Sketchbook Product Pages and Scribble Faces

I have also been doing sketchbook pages!  See, I’m really not a slacker.  All the time.  In every way.  So yeah, anyway, Jerry’s Artarama sent me some free acrylic guoache paints to try out with my last very big order, so I did!  They are Turner Acryl Gouache, and they gave me a red, a yellow, and a blue.  They are FUN!  For one thing, they dry almost instantly after you lay them down, which makes for some interesting experiments for someone who likes spontaneous abstracts.  (Me me me!)  For another, their pigments are very vivid.  I will have to look into some other colors to try.  And no, they didn’t ask me to review these (please please please, art stores, send me free stuff to review!) and I am not getting compensated.  I just got free stuff cuz I have ordered so much stuff lately.  Here are the spreads done with them:

The page on the left above is mixed media, acrylic watered down with glaze added, water soluble graphite, yellow neon poster paint marker from Sharpie, and fuschia India ink.  The page on the right is more Turner Acryl Gouache.

I also played around with my new Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils on the right of this one, and did some more scribble sketches on the left:

I also did a mixed media page with the India ink and white acrylic paint:

And two pages of abstract watercolor experimentation:

Those are actually what made me want to try the larger watercolor paintings.

And hey, I’m totally going to count my scribble sketches as my ‘catch-up’ faces.  Heehee…now I believe I’m only 2 behind.

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“Shielding,” A New Mixed Media Painting

In my ‘other life’, I am a spiritual coach/reader/healer, and a born shaman and spiritual warrior from way back.  I am an expert in psychic self-defense (by necessity), and given my weekend, I thought it was a good idea to do a little extra, so I put it into a mixed media piece called, “Shielding”.  It’s on 9×12 140 lb watercolor paper, done in watercolor and acrylic paint with some Sakura gelly roll Stardust and regular white opaque pen.

The writing around the shield says,

“I hereby call upon all of my spiritual protectors from every corner of every universe to protect me from all harm, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual!  And so it is!  And so it is!”  (I would add a third one if you want to borrow this.  I ran out of room.)

There are cosmic roots going up into the heavens to bring down cosmic wisdom and help, and there are Earth roots going down into the Earth to bring up the wisdom of the planet.  In the center are the colors of the 7 main chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  There are white spikes coming off the shield, not to harm, but to pop any negative thoughtform projections before they can do any harm.

Please feel free to use my invocation in your own exercises of spiritual protection, and if my imagery helps you to imagine your own, that’s wonderful.


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I had better walk my talk here!  Last month I saw a journal entry that said, “You are meant to be seen.”  It just hit me.  It made me brave.  So I picked up a pen and started to draw my own portrait.  I did it freehand, no underdrawing, expressive line as close to real life, including the setting, as I could get it.  The shading is done with watercolor pencil.  She makes me very happy.


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Inktense Blocks Review

Okay, so I got a few new art supplies and thought I’d post a bit of a review here.  First up is Derwent Inktense Blocks.  OMG…LOVE THEM.  Love them so much.  They are hard little sticks of color that when wet, become inky and permanent.  You can dip the end in water and draw and color/paint with them, which is fun and what I did here:

As you can see, the colors of these things is INTENSE.  Love it.  I also love to use them as pan watercolors, brushing down their sticks with a wet brush.  I love pan watercolors for their convenience, and these are even better because rather than tiny half-pans or even full pans that I have to dab and scrub, I just stroke down the length of these.  Um, this is sounding dirty.  Sorry.  But anyway…the color lifts from the blocks super easily and it’s so vibrant it’s ridiculous.  And unlike watercolors, it dries permanent so your work stays put and you can do more work over it.  Here’s my quickie sketch done that way in my Strathmore 140 lb watercolor journal:

I got the fuschia on my hands, so I sprayed the facing page wet and then wiped the color off my hands onto the page and massaged it in.  This is the result, to show you the intensity of this color saturation:

I also got some Portfolio water-soluble oil pastels and did a painting, but my camera turned it BLUE so I’ll have to try and get some shots outside or something to get the coloring right.  They lay down like lipstick, so glidey-nice, and they’re also very vibrant.  I don’t like that I can’t work over them, though, and that I have to blend away all the little remnants of pastel after I color.

I also got a Tradio Fountain Pen and I love the way it slides over smooth paper.  I got some Golden gesso, both black and white, and it’s so smooth the fountain pen works great on it, so I took this picture of my signature written with the pen over the gesso:

I love Golden’s gesso.  It’s so velvety smooth I can’t keep my hands off it.  I’ll never go back to Liquitex.


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The Fall/Transformation

This is a new spread in my journal called “The Fall/Transformation.” It is mixed media and the process of its creation was very, very spontaneous.  It is done in a Strathmore Watercolor Journal, size about 5 x 8 inches.

For some reason, wordpress reversed the order of the images uploaded, so the closeup of the tarot card is first, then the two pages individually, then the spread.  I’ll get better at this posting thing, promise.

Anyway, this started with a couple of magazine clippings I liked and stuck on two pages, totally unrelated. The foreign money in the bottom left corner and the big butterfly watercolor collage on the right page. Then I used some Pentel oil pastels and watercolor around the money, then added some acrylic gold glaze craft paint, then a funky tarot card from a deck I got at the Dollar Store, then made a stamp of acrylic craft paint and some rubbings done in colored pencil of some fake plastic pirate coins I had and glued those on, then I took an old necklace and cut up the chain and glued and stapled it on, and took some red plastic gems off the ugliest earrings in the world and glued those on. Then I saw how the unrelated butterfly on the next page could relate! So I painted black acryclic all around it, added in harmonious colors of other craft paint, then added paint and glaze on the clipping itself to blend it in.

This is my VERY FIRST mixed media piece ever and it was soooo much fun! I just took advice from a book I read that said stick something down, then just build! I like it!


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Inside Cover of Small Art Journal

I have two art journals so far, a small one that is about 6 x 5 inches with soft, toothy pages glued together, and a large 8 x 10 with thick, slick pages. This is the inside first page of my small one. The soft, toothy paper took watercolor nicely, I thought!

Materials used are Marie’s watercolors, Sharpie poster paint marker.

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