About Me

“Shielding,” mixed media acrylic and watercolor on 140 lb. watercolor paper, 9×12.

Flighty artist.  Usually used as an insult.  I used it that way, rather mildly, when I decided to stop limiting myself to a certain art or craft and just call myself a ‘flighty artist.’  But hey…flighty…flying…able to take flight…I like that.  I want to fly in my art and craft.  I want to lift myself off the ground.  I want to create fearlessly.  And at the same time, I need grounding.  I’m not a very grounded person in general, and art and craft ground me.  They make me stop and look and really SEE and FEEL the physical world around me.

So that’s why I do art and craft.  As to why I am putting up this blog, I’m hoping it will help make me accountable, give me a reason to make stuff when I don’t see the point or feel blocked or fearful or just unmotivated.  And give me a place to display it and keep track of things, since in my ungroundedness, I tend not to do that.

I mean to post pictures as well as supplies and techniques used and of course, date created.

Well, that’s it for now.  Thanks for checking me out!

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