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New year, new blog name, new youtube channel!

Happy new year to everyone!

If your life is *anything* like mine, change has become your only constant. So I’m dropping in here to share my newest changes with anyone who might still be interested.

When I chose the name Flighty Artist, for both my blog and my Youtube channel, I had the intention of sort of ‘reclaiming’ a phrase that was always kind of an insult in my world. But as I began to take my explorations of self through art more and more seriously, the name began to feel less and less comfortable. And with this new year, my entire life is refocusing around the quest for wholeness through art, so I really felt I needed a new name.

I am discontinuing this blog (but leaving it up) and am moving to a new one called The Artful Journey.

I am also creating a new Youtube channel under the same name, where I plan to start doing my very first videos very soon.

Thank you to everyone who has given me love and support here over the past few years!


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