I made a “Girl’s Survival Kit”

Okay, I saw this tutorial on Pinterest:  http://tidymom.net/2011/survival-kit/  And I thought it was absolutely awesome.  So I made one and sent it off in a swap!  It is soooo easy, and I got everything I needed for it, except the potholder, at the dollar store!  I LOVE dollar store crafts.  They did have potholders there that night, but they were a bit small.  I was at Honks today and they have a bigger one that’s dark blue with plaid, kinda butch and cool.  But I got a set of 2 simple red potholders at Shopko for $2 and that’s what I used.  All you do is use a zigzag stitch to sew in 10 snack-size zipper baggies, then fill the baggies with little essentials.  You sew on a button, and the potholders even already have the loop and are ready to go!  Here’s mine:


Here it is closed up with a pin cushion on a ribbon wrapped around it, which is how I sent it.  I didn’t get a picture of it without that, I’m afraid.  The pin cushion can be tied onto your sewing machine, by the way.  Or around your wrist, or you can wear it as a pendant.  And the round middle of the flower, the stuffed part, is stuffed with steel wool to keep pins sharp.  But anyway…back to the Survival Kit, which I would rename, a “Just In Case.”  Get it?  Because it’s kind of a case full of things to have on hand just in case.  Yeah, so anyway…


You can see how the loop fastens around the button and makes a handy little clutch.  And I made a list of everything that was packed into it (and it was stuffed!):



I think this would make a unique, super easy, and super useful gift for anybody.  I plan to make more, that’s for sure!  I need one for myself for starters!


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One response to “I made a “Girl’s Survival Kit”

  1. Genea

    Love it!!! I recently purchased a super cute polka dot mini bag for stuff to bring with me to work and travel! So handy and lovely to have!

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