Some Favorite YouTube Art Journaling Video Reviews

One of the most…okay, THE most inspirational thing, creatively, to me is to see other people’s process.  So I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos of people in the actual journaling (or painting, or sewing, etc.) process, as well as watching tutorials to get different ideas, techniques, info on media, and perspectives.  I thought it might be fun if I shared some of the most recent videos that have inspired me to get going again:

Leslie Herger is my art journaling guru.  She owns  (a community for art journalers) and (a new art journaling zine) as well as (her blog) and has done some wonderful videos for beginning art journalers.  Her wise words, “It’s about PROCESS not PRODUCT,” ring through my mind over and over to keep me brave.  Here is a link to one that really helped me let go of some fear:

Judith Cassel-Mamet is new to me and hasn’t done many videos, but I really loved this one for again, getting over the fear, and for new ideas on how to get started.  I also love her concept of “adventure journaling” because it also focuses on the process and adventure of the journaling, not the product.

Spookypaperdoll has done a wonderful vid on 10 types of art journals.  I love it because it gives me all kinds of ideas on what to do next, what to do instead, what to do when I’m tired of doing one kind, etc.

Donna Downey is a new artist to me, but I LOVE her Inspiration Wednesdays.  She records her process, edits it for content and time (unlike those streamed-live vids that are two hours long and include letting the cat out, etc.), and posts it so we can see how a page can go from blank…to train wreck…to masterpiece!  Honestly, it was watching about four of these that finally got me into the studio space to make some art.  And they kept me going when I was halfway through and thinking, “Oh my god…what have I done…this sucks.  LOL!”

To anyone struggling with this, I hope these help.  I’ll start a new Category of YouTube Faves since I’m always finding new ones.  And someday, soon…maybe I’ll even do my own.  (yikes)  =:o  But first, a photo tutorial of how to make your own craft foam stamps.  Next post!



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2 responses to “Some Favorite YouTube Art Journaling Video Reviews

  1. Peggy

    I love Samantha Kira Harding, Journal Artista, JenniBellie, and there’s this one girl, I think she has an irish accent, and she goes by Rach something or other. I really love her steampunk work. She makes it look sooooo easy. Then I try it and it blows up in my face! And these women are YOUNGER than me. Maybe I’m too old to start this kind of thing.

    • Satina Scott

      Aw, that’s bull****, Peggy. We may have more ‘control issues’ to deal with from being from a different generational background, but we’re never too old. Let that crazy inner teenaged girl out!

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