I made stuff again! Watercolor inchies, sewing kit, wrist pincushion, sketchbook cover, bookmark!

I made stuff again.  After a long, dark time.  I made the inchies a week ago, and I made the sewn things last night.  I haven’t posted my sewing/crafting projects here before, because I kind of stopped crafting when I started doing the art, but now I’m more into the craft than the art at this time, so I’ll be adding that to the blog.

The first thing I made was these inchies:

I made them for a swap on http://www.craftster.org.  They are Yarka watercolor on Stonehenge paper.  It was good to paint again.  🙂  (If you are new to the word, ‘inchies’ are little pieces of artwork that are just one inch by one inch in size, and people do them in all kind of media.  They’re harder and more fun than they look…or at least, than they looked to me when I discovered them!  And they are even harder to photograph!)

Last night, I finally fired up the sewing machine after months of disuse.  First, I made a needlebook/hand-sewing kit to carry around with me, mostly to the couch, to do hand-sewing and embroidery-type projects.  I designed as I went, and it’s a very simple design that of course took me way too long to work out on the fly.

Then I wanted a matching wrist pincushion, so I did that on the fly, too, and it also took me way longer than it looks.

The little pincushion on top is velcro’d on and I can detach it.

I’m going to make a strap for my sewing machine to strap it there sometimes, I think.  But that fabric is just tiny scraps, so I don’t think I have enough to do a matching one.  I want to make a sewing machine cover, apron, and thread-catcher, too.

Lastly, I made a cover for my new sketchbook out of drop cloth.  I call it, “Overcomplicated Primitive,” because once again, rather than go safe with a light cotton and turn the seam allowances in and all that, I had to adapt my usual easy pattern to leave the seams raw.

Not that big a deal until I had to fit these double loops in just right,

so that when I put my mechanical pencil (.9mm point) in them, they hold the book shut.

I also made a little matching bookmark to tuck into it.

I’m having so much fun sewing again.  🙂  It’s exciting to be enjoying *anything* again this much, and it feels so good to be ‘up’ enough to make actual stuff.




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5 responses to “I made stuff again! Watercolor inchies, sewing kit, wrist pincushion, sketchbook cover, bookmark!

  1. Peggy

    How nifty! are you going to be doing any tutorials?


    • Satina Scott

      Thanks, Peggy! What kind would you like to see? I’ve thought about it but just haven’t yet. I even got a better camera and thought about “gasp” doing youtube vids. I think I promised to do a tutorial on the craft foam stamps, so I should do that one first, huh?

      • Peggy

        Well, I guess anything would work for me. I’m not doing so well with my journaling. The worst part seems to be the inital layer of paint. I’ve used different brushes, I’ve done the scrape the paint with the credit card deal, and still, nothing seems to look right. The colors either seem to come out too bright or a big mess! I guess its trying to get the colors in the best positions on the paper. I don’t know. I get so tired of painting my first layer that I decided to use cardstock papers instead. Then I get depressed, lol. I sure could use your help.


      • Satina Scott

        Maybe your own art journaling is meant to be a different style than that. I’m no expert, but I have been learning that everyone has a different idea of how they want to play in their journals. What media do you most enjoy playing with? Maybe it’s not paint. Or at least not acrylic paint. I don’t do the collage/paint/collage/paint layering forever thing, either. Two things that have worked for me are to 1. grab a clipping and glue it down to a page, then see what it needs next. And then next. And then next. 2. Grab a stamp and start stamping on a page. See it it needs next. I don’t do all the multiple layers of gesso, or at least not right now. Nothing against it, it just doesn’t come to me to do it that way. I’ll make a post of a few of my most inspirational faves on youtube for getting started.

      • Peggy

        I really love using stencils and stamps. I also love the spray color washes.color, color, color, that’s for me. I love glitter glue and using vintage elements(old photos when I can find them). I love to use just about everything. The problem is, putting these elements together to make it mean something.

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