Watercolor Seascape

I got up before everyone else this morning and sat in the chair looking at the view we are leaving in a month.  I decided to get brave and do a watercolor of it.  I started with watercolor pencil, which really helped me get my shapes down, but it turned out way too light, so I painted over that with regular watercolor paint.  It’s 9 x 11 on Strathmore 140 lb watercolor paper.  I feel it captures the peaceful feeling I had this morning, and I am realizing that my own art is about capturing the energy of a moment, rather than its details.  So I’m pretty happy with it!  I don’t like working in a spiral though, I’ve decided.  I have some pre-cut 8 x 10 watercolor paper on the way that will be fun to experiment with instead.




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7 responses to “Watercolor Seascape

  1. Peggy

    What a beautiful and relaxing painting! Excellent work.

  2. Wonderful shapes in the plants/shrubs … Nice depth in the water and waves.
    Namaste w/Blessings

  3. I loved the way the colors get more rich and darker as you get lower on the page. To me, it grounds (no pun intended) the forefront, while the focus just soars into the distance.

    It also reminds me of some vintage watercolors that I have and love. Nice work.

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