Faces # 18 and 19, Sketchbook pages

I drew the continuous line drawings for these faces about a week ago, then painted them the last couple of days.  # 18 on the right, Blue Woman, was a laborious painting during a bad night.  I like the way she FINALLY turned out, but I didn’t like how much I had to work and re-work her.  I was cut-off from my flow, and I felt it.  But doing the blue side opened a bit of flow for the red side, which came more easily and also, fittingly enough, represents more of how I was feeling.  I think I was afraid to let it out in my art, so I tried to make the blue woman pretty, but when I started painting the red woman, I saw my feelings manifest in the paint.  It happened, like the best art always does, rather than me making it.  I like her.  These are done on the Sketchbook Project pages I hand-tore to size and will go in the Sketchbook:




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10 responses to “Faces # 18 and 19, Sketchbook pages

  1. Blue Woman is beautiful. But I’d rather look at the red one. She’s fascinating and makes me think and feel more. They’re both amazing in different ways.

  2. MangaMem

    The colours you used on the faces are amazing! They all work together!

  3. Your ladies are all so expressive and beautiful! They certainly keep me coming back!

  4. Nice job! I find that technique very difficult, but you rocked it.

  5. Carol Samsel

    Love them and their bold colors!!!!

  6. They are both beautifully done. It is amazing though how are feelings are portrade in our art :o)

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