Face # 14 done on the Scribbler

Face # 14 was just done on a free drawing app called Scribbler that I learned about from my artist friend, Melisa, who did a drawing for the 29 Faces project on it on her blog today.  Here’s the thing though.  Two months ago, I couldn’t use a touchpad to click a button.  I was a total mouse-addict and couldn’t imagine life any other way.  Then I got a little netbook I call “Herman,” and I had to learn, if I was going to enjoy the lazy pleasures of computing from the couch.

Fastforward two months later, and I just did a drawing with my touchpad!  I learned from my awesome son, Chazz, who is going to design video games for a living, how to hold the bar with one hand and move the cursor with the other, and I did a drawing.  Then the program, Scribbler, scribbled around my lines and gave it contour.  It’s so cool!

Here she is:

It makes me want to try something like that on paper with pens or pencils or charcoal or…

Oh, and here is Herman, looking jaunty in his paint-pen embellished best, because explain to me why laptops have to be so ugly:

Herman is charmingly gender-flexible in his fashion choices, non?



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2 responses to “Face # 14 done on the Scribbler

  1. Cool…seems many in our circles have discovered the Scribbler Too. I love it! 🙂 Angi

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