Face #10

Here she is.  I’m not happy with her, and it’s making me sad.  When something doesn’t turn out right, I just go into this fear-place that now it will all suck.  Then I don’t make another mark, then it just snowballs.  And of course, I didn’t want to post this.  But Shan said I should, and I should share how I was feeling, so here I am.  She also says I have to go put a mark on paper after I’m done, so I’ll do that, too.

I tried working big with the continuous line and watercolor, and I learned some stuff.  First, I couldn’t get the spontaneity of line with a Sharpie on the Stonehenge (11×14 inches), so I think it’s boring and stilted.  Too careful and tight.  Then I went to add the watercolor, but on a surface this big, I couldn’t get enough paint and water down at once in order to get the lovely, liquid-y effect I love so much with watercolor.  It’s ‘wet, dab paint, brush it on in a few strokes, wet, dab, brush…’ and it leaves it flat and boring.  And I didn’t like the color palette I chose, and I’m tired of all my watercolors being in the cool family.  (I have ordered another set of the basics.)  I tried to save it with some Conte crayon and a bit of Portfolio oil pastels, but she just got flatter.  I will very likely cut this up and use it as collage fodder.

Okay, so here she is, and it is what it is:



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3 responses to “Face #10

  1. I love it!!!! Beautiful eyes! Happy!!!

  2. I think she’s lovely! The color is stunning!

  3. Satina Scott

    Thank you Angi and Cindy. 🙂

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