“Shielding,” A New Mixed Media Painting

In my ‘other life’, I am a spiritual coach/reader/healer, and a born shaman and spiritual warrior from way back.  I am an expert in psychic self-defense (by necessity), and given my weekend, I thought it was a good idea to do a little extra, so I put it into a mixed media piece called, “Shielding”.  It’s on 9×12 140 lb watercolor paper, done in watercolor and acrylic paint with some Sakura gelly roll Stardust and regular white opaque pen.

The writing around the shield says,

“I hereby call upon all of my spiritual protectors from every corner of every universe to protect me from all harm, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual!  And so it is!  And so it is!”  (I would add a third one if you want to borrow this.  I ran out of room.)

There are cosmic roots going up into the heavens to bring down cosmic wisdom and help, and there are Earth roots going down into the Earth to bring up the wisdom of the planet.  In the center are the colors of the 7 main chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  There are white spikes coming off the shield, not to harm, but to pop any negative thoughtform projections before they can do any harm.

Please feel free to use my invocation in your own exercises of spiritual protection, and if my imagery helps you to imagine your own, that’s wonderful.



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9 responses to ““Shielding,” A New Mixed Media Painting

  1. Its a LOVELY painting Satina! THANKS for sharing!

  2. A beautiful painting from the soul, I love the colours and how they all blend together so beautifully.

  3. Melissa

    Great looking painting

  4. Satina…
    I wanted to share with you that today in my Yoga class your painting was in my mind much of the time. Reaching towards the universe, grounding in Mother Earth were all very much with me today. Thank you so very much for sharing your “Shielding” with us.
    The timing was perfect for me. Tonight is our ‘Full Moon’ !
    Everything comes together for a reason !!!!
    Judy (Solo)

    • Satina Scott

      Judy, thank you for sharing that with me! That’s so amazing. And you are so welcome to share in the energy of that painting. I did it for everyone who needed it, not just me.

  5. Satina Scott

    Thank you to everyone. My intention in creating this was not only to protect myself but to channel that energy, that invocation, that imagery, to anyone who needed it.

  6. This is a very cool and inspiring piece 😀 XXX

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