I don’t hide.

I’m not taking the post or comments down.  I was warned about Effy Wild when I talked about her Book of Days and Sisters of the Book group and told a new art journaler they should look into it, and someone privately asked me not to.  I asked why and they said they couldn’t give details.  I did a search to find information on what they were talking about but could find nothing.  So I continued being a member and supporter of Book of Days.

I now realize that people have been scared into taking down information that would have saved me some pain.  And I’m not at all happy about my art blog turning into a knock-down, drag-out fight, but I am not shocked, either.  As I’ve said, I’m a shaman and spiritual warrior and have been sent into so many different things to root out the dark that nothing surprises me anymore.  I did tell Effy that I thought we had worked together in another lifetime, and I still think that’s true.  I probably tried to keep her from hurting her followers in that one, too.  I told her I could see the mistakes she was making because I’d been there.  That’s true, too.  (I didn’t steal anyone’s work, but I did like being worshipped a few times, myself.)  I’ve made amends to anyone I wronged through my mistakes.  I wrote the book on transparency.

Effy Wild has said she will share our private correspondence with anyone who asks, which I think is morally deplorable, but I have nothing to hide, so please ask if you’re curious.  I also never turned off email notification on the facebook group, so I have everything that was said between us publicly there, including the part that the individual in the comments left out at the top that actually opened the conversation.

I was warned in a nightmare that I needed to get my personal information off that list immediately.  I got up in the middle of the night and did it.  I have been up against so many psychic attacks and worse that when I get a warning, I follow it.  When I went in to delete my personal information, I should have followed the guidance that whispered to delete it all.

Maybe someone else will.  Or maybe it will be copied and pasted and sold to mailing list companies for thousands of dollars as verified marketing demographics.  Or maybe just shared in other blog comment boxes.  Or read aloud on youtube.  Or given to prison inmates looking for penpals.

I did what I could to alert unaware people to the dangers.

I don’t hide.

No one here has any idea what I’ve been through as a spiritual warrior, but you can do some google searches and you’ll find I don’t hide.  I have another blog, New Earth Servers, that documents an expose that happened last October wherein I was attacked by another very unstable and destructive individual for trying to protect members of his group.  I left that up, full name and all, and I’ll leave this up.  And that was only the most recent (until this one) of many, many dark situations I’ve been sent in to expose.  I’ve had far worse than unfounded or even founded legal threats.

It would have been nice, I suppose, to have an ‘art life’ and a ‘spiritual warrior life’, and just keep them separate so I didn’t have to ‘work’ everywhere I went, but obviously I was sent into this situation because it is meant for me to do otherwise.

I will say it again.  I.  Don’t.  Hide.  I have spent years doing enough personal work and public work that I don’t have to.  You will find nothing on me that I’m not proud to share.

Know me better:



Google my name.  Google my spiritual online username:  dharmaworker  I’ve been working spiritually for over ten years.  I don’t slander or spread libel, but I tell the truth.  And it makes a lot of people very angry.  Some think I’m crazy (true), some think I’m a bitch(true), and some think I’m part of a dark ops corp in the CIA, headed by Satan(not true).  Some don’t.  I leave it to you to decide.  Here, I just wanted to be a flighty artist.

This is the last I will say about Effy Wild or Book of Days or Sisters of the Book or any of that other situation, but I will leave up the discussion that erupted within my comments.  I suggest that if you want to continue to have this discussion that you create a blog for it or use your own blog or create a facebook group for it or open a chatroom or…something else.  I want people to be warned, too.  But I just want this to be a place I can share my art.

That’s all.




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5 responses to “I don’t hide.

  1. You’re a good person and a brave soul to stand up for people to frightened to do it for themselves.

    I have also been through several similar situations (not with artists, but with people in the DIY community). I was shocked when I finally made my first post that hundreds of people came out of the woodwork to follow behind me. Unfortunately, I think some of them were just looking for someone else to idolize, and they soon became disillusioned when I turned out to be just a woman with a strong will and a box of colored pencils.

    Keep doing what you do – art is a great way to escape the drama other people embroil themselves in. ❤

  2. Well said. I am going to set something up for those of us who need to share our stories in the hopes it helps other artists know that art may be healing but it isn’t always safe from the bad seedy world!

    And I will read through your links because I think I would very much like to get to know you better. And yes, perhaps this was meant to happen for you to have this situation so we could finally get a chance to speak our truth to Effy and know that she at least read it even if she doesn’t hear us!

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  4. This post is amazing. While I know that you wrote this about a very personal situation, I had to comment to say how empowering it is in general. It’s about being who you are without apology and that is more important than a lot of people realize. So, thank you for this post! Best wishes in all that you do. Keep shining on as your brilliant self 🙂

  5. I commend you “Noble Warrior”, for your articulate and thought out response to an unworthy opponent. Blessed Be 😀 XXX

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