I am revoking any and all endorsement of Book of Days or Sisters of the Book with Effy Wild.

If you read older posts in this blog, you may see things about a group I was involved with called Book of Days also known on Facebook as Sisters of the Book, controlled by Effy Wild, so I want to be very clear that I am officially revoking any and all endorsement for Effy Wild’s Book of Days, Sisters of the Book, Wild Precious Life, or anything else she is involved in.  All promotional materials related to her have been removed from the site and all connections are hereby severed.




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96 responses to “I am revoking any and all endorsement of Book of Days or Sisters of the Book with Effy Wild.

  1. Anonymous

    Okay, I guess the next question is, why?

  2. Satina Scott

    I do not want this blog to turn into a bash Effy or bash anyone place, but I think people deserve to be warned that there are people out there who feel she is dangerous, and I’m one of them after being in her group for awhile.

  3. Satina Scott

    Upon reading that and trying to see it as someone on the outside of this whole thing might see it, it looks silly to use a word like ‘dangerous’ about something so light and fun as art and journaling. But art journaling groups invite intimate sharing and spiritual exploration. The type that needs to happen in a safe, protected place. She is not qualified to provide that. Her group in particular also invites sharing home addresses with hundreds of strangers. When I suggested that might not be a safe option, especially for the women in the group who have shared that they are from violent homes, and then I suggested a way to make it safe, she argued with me, said she trusted her members to keep themselves safe, and kicked me out for being hostile. I just hope people see what I wrote so it occurs to them to at least question her judgement on that and other things.

  4. Don’t know what to say just now but I assure you that I will think about it a lot. Hugs.

  5. Robyn C.

    You are not alone in your opinion of Effy Wild. She has damaged many relationships and continues to stalk and bully former members of her groups. She is a thief and liar and should not be trusted. Sorry to hear you got caught in her web.

  6. It is brave to stand up for yourself and for those you are friends with when you feel they might be in danger. I applaud your effort and your decision. I too had to do what you have done with Effy and I too felt it important to end all ties and affiliations with her or her groups. I cannot in good conscious send anyone her way and know they will not be mistreated. Thank you for sharing.

  7. This is a cease and desist request. The next one will come from my lawyer, who will file a report with your ISP and your blog host. Libel and slander are illegal and these laws are enforceable. I will remind you (and those of you who have piped up in here) I have copies of all defamatory posts, messages, emails and other materials to provide if I am required to take legal action against you.

    If I have stolen from you, cheated you, or lied to you, there are legal recourses for that. Why don’t you use them.

    • Robyn C.

      I welcome all calls from your lawyer. Perhaps he will be interested in the fraud you commit regarding your theft of creative license from other artists. I have no connection to Flighty Artist or her blog – My knowledge regarding this post was purely coincidental. I am simply someone whom Effy Wild has bullied and stalked on the Internet and will not stand to see her continue her bullying of others. Effy Wild (not your real name) if you would like to pursue this further with me I am confident that you know how to contact me directly and will have the decency to leave Flighty Artist out of it.

    • First of all Effy Wild isn’t YOUR real name. And you lawyer is going to tell you that. Stop hiding and stop bullying. And PLEASE FEEL FREE TO HAVE YOUR LAWYER CONTACT ME I have every bit of evidence of every thing you have done to so many women in the art community. Go crawl back into your glitter infused den or get out of the art journaling community. You are giving all of us a bad name. {sorry to do this on your blog}. Cease and desist? Please!

    • ROFL!
      you’ve issued so many cease and desists to so many people only to crawl back and lick your wounds later.

  8. How does it come, that about hundreds of people see the situation completely different?

    • Rita please tell me at this moment after what has been done to Maisy now, just what side of the fence you are on? Get off the fence Rita, it must be painful up there balancing on it for as long as you have. Grr!

      • anonymous :))

        what did happen to Maisy, I noticed she is not around. thx

      • Anonymouse really?! I’m starting to think you are yet another fake commenter created by Effy.

        I don’t know what happened to Maisy. But I am starting to wonder if maybe you do. If maybe you really want to tell us what you anonymousely want to hear?!

  9. Anonymous

    Rita! I was just going to say the same! I want to say that I have no reason whatsoever to mistrust Effy Wild. By the way – when you are on Facebook, the whole world has access to your info… wake up peeps!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous = Desiree Oude Groothuis

    • which is exactly why we are posting with our FB profile. people need to stop fearing cyber bullies and people who make threats.

      everyone who runs over here to intimidate satina should be ashamed of themselves.

      i’m not going to hide behind an anonymous comment. i want people to feel that they can speak up.

  10. don’t fucken worry about here “cease and desist” leave this fucker up.

    don’t be afraid to comment, you fuckers.

  11. Satina, she’s going to send all of her followers over here to give you shit. stay strong girlfriend.

  12. I haven’t received any notification from any artist or teacher that I have stolen their content or that I’m teaching their content. You know why? Because I haven’t done either.

    And anyone who believes I have can point to the content or the piece of art and tell me to whom it belongs. I will gladly and without hesitation take it off the Internet.

    In other words: If I have stolen, prove it. Vague, rambly videos and blog posts about what a meanie fascist poo head I am do not count as proof.

    It slays me that the only people that have a problem with me are those who have either been banned from my groups for craptacular behaviour or removed from a spot where they were getting lots of ‘spotlight’.

    Right Christy? I removed you as a feature, and you unhappily flounced. Amy? You hooked up with all my haters and then wondered why I didn’t want you anywhere near me. Robyn C, I don’t even know what your problem is except that you are a consummate follower and drama addict. And Satina? We knew each other in another life? You want to be my big sister? I summarily rejected your offer of friendship because I knew with my very potent spidey senses that you are not someone I’d want in my life.

    If that makes me dangerous, so be it. I’m dangerous. Leave your ‘warning post’ up. Know what those do? They send me traffic. I appreciate traffic.

    For every one person you ‘lure away from the dangerous Effy’, a hundred come in to enjoy what I offer.

    • Your entire Book of Days concept is a total and complete Rip of Julie’s 30 Days class. Well, it was, but you are so inconsistent that now you are off in a different direction. And charging people for what? For art that you can only make because you watch other artists Youtube vids and because you pay to take their classes so you can then turn around and teach their content in your classes {free and paid}. You are a thief and a copycat and you need to find a different venue to spew your hate! Be gone!

      • And by the way… Book of Days was issued years ago by Virginia Slims as a daily diary. I fucking have one. Trademark that name why don’t you. And could you PLEASE have an original thought, just once in your life Effy!

      • Ummmm…. people have been keeping calendars and tracking time for tens of thousands of years. The first known book titled “Book of Days” was published 1200 years ago. There is nothing new under the sun.

    • Robyn C.

      My problem is that you lure women into a “sanctuary” of love and healing and art, pass off all the content and ideas as your own and then summarily dismiss anyone that questions you in any way. Your free, I mean now not free, class is a rip-off of the ideas of Donna Downey and Willowing. Your posing in your videos with fingerless gloves is a direct rip-off of Willowing. You claim to be “inspired” by other artists but if they don’t get on the “adore Effy” wagon you dismiss them as “drama llamas” and “flouncers”. The only “followers” you have are just that – women who follow your every lead and never disagree with anything you say or question the source of any of your material. No one will call you out on your misappropriation of “inspiration” because you are slick at it – you do not use names but infer to the point that everyone knows who you are talking about – you do not link back to your “inspiration” because you don’t want others to see the lifting you have crafted. The only reason YOU dismissed anyone from your group is because they were either taking the spotlight away from you or because they disagreed with you. The only reason you banned me from your group is because I supported other artists whom you did not like. You may spin this any way you’d like, but the truth is you have done wrong to other people without hesitation or apology. My biggest issue is that you bully people – you follow them under false names on the internet, track their comments and the comments of their friends, and just generally attempt to intimidate and creep out other women. I may have sat idly by once and let you bash people I cared about but you taught me a very valuable lesson – I will NEVER remain silent and idle while someone is being bullied – by you or anyone else. And believe me – if you think I am a follower then you knew me even less than I originally thought.

    • You removed me as a feature? Get the story right Effy. I have the fucking proof. You insinuated my class was too popular and YOU didn’t like it. So YOU tried to run me off. And I left quietly. And that was NOT good enough. So YOU ran to your private group and LIED that I was going to sue YOU and THEM. And then I fought back. And Effy I ACTUALLY KNOW real Attorneys. Spent 5 years working for a legal marketing team. I know what an attorney would really do about any of this. So quite making up threats that are totally unfounded. I flat out named you in my video. I was NOT VAGUE about it. So sue me if you want to sue someone. Send me a cease and desist letter. PLEASE! I am so on you and I am not EVER going to stop until you LEAVE OUR HAPPY MIXED-MEDIA ART JOURNALING community.

  13. Effy quit making yourself seem bigger than you are. You skeeze me out. You are a cyber bully.

  14. CEASE AND DESIST?? AHHHHH WHAT??? EFFY WILD STEALS FROM EVERYONE! COME on! SHE COULDNT SUE ANYONE cause she has screwed over so many people she would be laughed at! This isnt Peoples Court…….Get over yourself EFFY! You have screwed SOOOOOOOO many people and dont have a regular ART thought in your mind….GET the fuck over yourself…….AND WHAT YOU CAN SAY WHAT YOU WANT AND BE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE AND NOT NAME NAMES BUT YOU GET CALLED OUT AND YOU WHINE LIKE A BABY??? GET A FUCKIN LIFE!!!!! STAY IN YOUR LITTLE GROUP AND MOVE ON———–


  16. oh my such hatred amongst artists. so wrong o n all points. there is no need for any of this, Effy Wild is very generous with her help with all in the group, and sends out lots of love to us all. If you dont like it just leave. no need to slander anyone

    • Effy Wild isn’t a real person. Jesus. If you are going to defend her at least defend a real person.
      Effy is generous with MY CONTENT THAT I TAUGHT her and AMYs CONTENT THAT AMY TAUGHT HER and many other artists. Effy Wild used me, used my good name and my kindness. Am I angry about that? Of course I am angry about that. And when she hurts someone you care about Margaret Field then you will be angry too. What you think all of us just decided to be angry over one small incident? There have been so many attacks. So much hate mail with vile threats all sent from Effy. Are you kidding? I have the proof of every Facebook message she sent to me. I could list for you 15 women she has treated horribly. Threaten them, talking about them, telling people that they are childish or stupid or lacking.
      Effy needs to get out of the art community! Period.
      And you know what? I am tired of women like you who defend her and dismiss her evil actions as if you HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT SHE HAS DONE TO THEM.

    • Robyn C.

      Margaret – I don’t hate Effy Wild – I feel sorry for her mostly. What I hate is that she lures women into her groups under the guise of a safe and healthy and sharing community – and then will turn on anyone that does not follow her lead completely. Try it – try disagreeing with her once and see what happens. I can assure you that you will at least be ignored and at worst be banned (which may be a saving grace). I once thought that Wild Precious Studio and Effy Wild were my safe haven – unfortunately it turned out to be a totalitarian tribe and I do not like being told who I can and cannot like. When I attempted to remain in WPS and support other artists outside WPS I was “watched” (in Effy’s own words) and then banned for voicing support for said artists. I hope you never have the experience that many of us have had with Effy Wild but hopefully you will have the courage to stand up for yourself if the time comes.

  17. kay

    Wow … clearly some bitter history here. Just a point of reference, I took Julie’s class and am now doing BOD and they are NOT the same other than being encouraged to keep a record of your days much as I did with all my classes no matter the grade level when I was teaching school.

    • Kay are you kidding me? The first few pages Effy did were a total rip of Julie’s. I HAVE SEEN THEM ALL. I HAVE COPIES OF ALL OF IT. I am not playing school yard games. I am taking all of this very seriously. I am a fantastic record keeper. The only difference that I could see in the beginning is that Julie has great talent and Effy is just a talentless hack.

      • kay

        Ouch, Christy … you do play hardball don’t you even if you don’t know who is out there on the receiving end?

        There are lots of people out there with art journaling classes basically all teaching the same thing and all of us students have the freedom to choose with whom we take a class. It’s all about finding a “match” and a community. And so I was thinking:

        I wonder how many videos are out there on how to make an altered book?
        I wonder how many videos are out there on how to prepare your pages or the surface before you start?
        I wonder how many different ways there are to structure a yearly log of your days?
        I wonder how many out there are using the “word for the year” or intentions idea to set the tone for their journal for the year?
        I wonder how many videos and tutorials there are showing us all ways there are to make your journal using a composition notebook?
        I wonder how many of all the different techniques there are in this whole mixed media bag that are available for us to use in our art journals? and …
        I wonder who owns all of this knowledge?

        I wonder who … who will I take my next class from?
        Who has some art I might consider purchasing?
        I wonder who’s book or instructional DVD might appear on my wish list next.
        I wonder who is designing product that will make my next purchase order.
        I wonder who
        I wonder …

      • Kay for some reason I can not reply to your post. I can only reply to mine.
        Let us be VERY clear here. My beef isn’t with you. How could it be you are not posting your website link so I DON”T KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE. I know where Effy learned what she did because I was present in her Church of Art live class where she asked me how to do something and I told her how to do it and she did it and then she thanked me for that.

        I think you should contact me via my blog:

        We can continue our conversation and you can come out from behind the anonymity of this comment box 🙂

        And instead of me sitting here attempting to defend my honor or my rights as an art teacher I will simply point you to this website:

        Play hardball? I learned everything I know about how to operate in Effy’s world at the masters knee herself. It is all what she has done to me.

  18. U too Margaret and the rest of u sheep that follow blindly will all be screwed over when she is done stealing and using you….Dont defend her to people who have proof of how nasty she is and all the shit she talks….PEOPLE IN YOUR CLOSED GROUP send me things she writes about me and others….. THERE Are so many of us that have all kinds of stuff saved that she has written and not very nice things………


  20. Pixie Allen

    Beyond all the hate, this is yet another victim at the hands of Effy,(yes we know that’s not her real name) But the really sad thing here is that yet someone else is left to feel hurt and saddened by something she did to them, how many more people will be subject to this person before realising, she sold out her so called best friend (who does that), she hides behind a fake name, without rhyme or reason, she talks about being real yet is the exact opposite. I’m so sad that Flighty Artist has had to go through something many women have been through before, however, I will say this…. should she (effy) choose to offer a ‘healing sanctuary’ to women then so be it, we all know eventually they will see through the fake persona that Effy wears so very well. I hope one day you find your happiness, I hope that it is soon, and I hope that no more peoples lives are effected by you, because right now you need help, you can’t help anyone before you get the help you need, and whether you crash and burn or decide to disappear from online life to get that help is really up to you, but I hope one day you will wake up and see just how much destruction you have caused, I hope that you will, one day be sorry for the people you caused harm to. Right now you are venomous, and they way you attack people is childish, you never give them a chance to speak, you just delete them and block them without giving them a chance to speak, but then you go on camera and bitch about the whole situation with out using their name, its not clever its childish, everyone who is around you knows who you are talking about yet you get some kind of kick out of it. If you wanted gone with the drama you wouldn’t create so much of it in your life, you wouldn’t still be talking about Kelly and Christy and make yourself out to be a victim in these circumstances when actually its these ladies who are the victims in all of this.
    Threats of you using your lawyer….. would this be the same lawyer you contacted seconds after booting christy from the studio regarding her content when it was actually after 6pm your time…see eventually lies catch up with you, and one thing you always used to talk about was being pagan, you happen to be a disgrace to the word, the law of three clearly isnt something you live by, if you did you would treat people the way you wish to be treated and not like something you stepped in, I guess whether you believe or not karma will come around again. I’m so disappointed to read that this has happened to another person, when will you ever learn?

  21. Satina, I am so sorry that your post has turned into such a mess. I am also sorry that you have had to deal with “the fallout of following effy wild”. I just wanted to let you know that. I have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. I just wish that woman would go and find a hole to hide in with her “jihad” and pretentious glitter flinging.

    • I agree with Annie. I am sorry that this has unfolded on Satina’s blog. Just know that this is the first time any of us have been able to interest with Effy Wild since she did her misdeed to us. She immediately un-friends you/ blocks you/ kicks you out. She in essence silences you. She will not allow you to respond to your attacker {her}.

      And then for some she begins the threats. Just as she did here, threatening you about your blog and laughingly threatening me and others.

      I am not an expert on abuse and their victims. But I’m reasonably sure that if you read about abuse and victimizing people it states that the reason victims do not come forward is because the abuser threatens them or their loved ones in order to ensure their silence and thus the abuser can continue the abuse {and even move on to new potential victims} without fear of being caught. A classic example really!

      And Satina, thank you for not removing your post. I am proud to have met you and to know you.

  22. SJS

    Such venom..justified or not, only proves that you are not as spiritually grown up as you proport to be. Such intense anger will only eat at you, creating more harm to yourselves than anyone else.
    Personally, after reading all this venomous bile, I resent the implication that I might be a blind sheep, unable to read,digest and understand posts and any possible underlying manipulation or duplicity that you might believe is hidden there. We enter these groups as responsible adults, divulge as little or as much as we feel comfortable with, and enjoy the company of MANY souls, not just one. I do not follow blindly, nor am I scared to make comment where necessary.
    I guarantee that work you have created is copied from someone else- even if a spark of inspiration from a painting you saw 15 years ago!! It’s all the same… nothing is original nowadays. And journalling- well, you can’t copyright working a journal for a month, a year or a decade…so many people have done it, and written about it, it’s not a new concept at all. And as for the hangup over pseudonyms, my god- half the artists out there don’t use their real name for christsake, one of the safety measures of living a life online!!
    My advice to you is get over it, create your art, and spend some time working on an anger management system before you give yourself an illness you won’t be able to deal with.
    I feel sorry for all of you,
    SJS- Artandsoul- yes, another pseudonym!

    • So are you insinuating that you are the Art and Soul retreat? Or are you someone else. I love trolls who hide behind anonymous comment boxes.

      I issue the exact same challenge to you that I did to Kay…

      Let us be VERY clear here. My beef isn’t with you. How could it be you are not posting your website link so I DON”T KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE. I know where Effy learned what she did because I was present in her Church of Art live class where she asked me how to do something and I told her how to do it and she did it and then she thanked me for that.

      I think you should contact me via my blog:

      We can continue our conversation and you can come out from behind the anonymity of this comment box 🙂

      And instead of me sitting here attempting to defend my honor or my rights as an art teacher I will simply point you to this website:

      Venom? At least I am not telling everyone I am on a ‘jihad’ as Effy says. Still I learned everything I know about how to operate in Effy’s world at the masters knee herself. It is all what she has done to me.

  23. In all honesty there isn’t much here that hasn’t been said repeatedly and I wont bother wasting the time saying it again… but I will say that I was a victim of this sad immaturity as well. Whilst supporting a friend and making an innocent comment on one of her status’s I was contacted by Effy saying that I had “slain her” because she didn’t like my comment and that I had no business saying anything. I was merely expressing my opinion on a matter and she didn’t like that. I honestly had no clue what the actual situation was, and no names or anything were ever mentioned until after the fact…but I have every right in this world to express any opinion that I have. I will NOT be told who I can talk to and what I can and can not say or do. That is a line that no one has the right to cross. I was removed from the group with out even the possibility of explaining myself. I was banned, blocked, and turned into a troll with a simple click of her pointy little finger. In the meantime being a member of her art course that I paid to be a part of. When I asked for a refund, I was told no to continue with the course. WHY WOULD I?! And so I was forced to report the issue to paypal, just to get my money back! Its a ridiculous way to treat someone, and a terrible way of doing business!

    Taking advantage of artists and their talents and generosity just to make yourself and your “group” look good is wrong. Plan and simply put. If an artist is popular and more talented than you then you should admire them and support them. Be humbled to have them in your bubble…. not jealous and condescending. I feel these artists were used to make that group what it was and when everything was set into place they were sequentially removed one by one in a nasty little way.

    I can say that I loved WPS when I was a member, because of the other members and art there. I felt like I was a part of something. HOWEVER, eventually the group became something I resented. I wouldn’t share, I wasn’t comfortable because of the tension and negativity that Effy continuously fueled with her live streams and vids talking about what she called “trolls” and I believe she referred to one of my dear friends as a “cowbag” as well..and I did not feel safe or able to trust the owner of the site. How can you be a part of something that you no longer feel safe in?

    I will not resort to name calling or flaming anyone but I will tell the truth, and the truth is that this person is not honest. If you can totally turn your back on your “best friend and business partner” the way that she has done, how can you indeed be a trustworthy person? Nor is she someone I would ever associate myself with anymore than I already mistakenly did.

    I am VERY sorry that all of this has happened to you, and I hope that eventually we can all put this behind us and turn our backs completely on that black spot of our creative journey. Because like she so snake-fully mentioned the more we talk about her the more we fuel her wickedness, and I for one have no intentions of giving that woman any power.

  24. Lisa Gardner


    I copied the beginning comments to Satina’s post on her concern for having addresses posted etc. There are over 260 comments and 99% think she was out of line. Satina became immediately hostile, beyond the content of the comments!
    Effy Wild My stand on this is: if you feel safe having your address in the document, awesome. If you don’t, set up a private swap between yourself and a group of close friends. Happy Mail is a huge part of what makes this group ‘happy’ and I’m would rather honour everyone’s sovereignty in making their own choices around their own safety.
    17 hours ago · Like · 4 POLITE

    Effy Wild An option for those of you who want happy mail but don’t feel safe and also don’t want to arrange your own swap: A P.O. box. They are safe, secure, and not that expensive for those who can afford them. xo (I’m seriously looking into this before I get flaming dog poop on my front porch or worse. *laughs*)
    17 hours ago · Like · 1 POLITE

    Satina Scott I feel offering a listholder gives them a choice, while only offering a public listing doesn’t. I guess I’ll offer that choice myself by offering to maintain a list for anyone who doesn’t feel safe leaving their information up there.
    17 hours ago · Like POLITE BUT UPSET

    Satina Scott Nothing is expensive for those who can afford it. My choice is still offered for those who don’t want to get a P.O. box for any reason.

    Effy Wild I think that’s a great choice for your group, Satina. I don’t feel it’s a great choice for mine, but if anyone would like to enter into a private exchange with you, they are welcome to do so.
    17 hours ago · Like · 1 POLITE

    Satina Scott So you don’t want to offer them a safe choice yourself, and you don’t want me to? We are not your possessions, Effy, anyway, and we don’t need your permission to do either the listholding or the private exchange.

    Effy Wild Actually, you do need permission to ‘listhold’ in my group. Private exchanges, on the other hand, are totally up to individual members to engage in as they wish! Not sure where the hostility is coming from here, Satina.
    17 hours ago · Like

    Rhonda Moore well for goodness sakes Satina! That is not what she said at all. This is effy’s page and she can do as she wants, just as we can do as we want. She said plainly 100 times we can do as we want
    17 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

    Satina Scott This is not hostility, it’s assertiveness. It seems to me you are interpreting any disagreement with you as hostility. I will state that my offer is in no way connected with the official group and is just an offer to people IN the group.
    17 hours ago · Like

    Effy Wild I don’t interpret disagreements as hostility. I interpret “We are not your possessions” as a very hostile statement, however, and your one written warning has been sent.
    17 hours ago · Like · 3

    Satina Scott I’m not allowed to say we are not your possessions? I get a warning for that? Is this a cult, Effy? I’m not allowed to ask that, either, am I? Because you don’t like the word ‘cult’. But if that is genuinely how I feel and what I need to ask, how can you disallow that? You’re getting scary.
    17 hours ago · Like

    Effy Wild Satina Scott is no longer in the group, and I will leave this thread here in case anyone has any questions with regards to why.
    17 hours ago · Like · 9

    Lisa Visel Thank you Effy for following the fules.
    17 hours ago · Like · 2

    Alma Hernandez Rivero I could understand if you’re a little concerned about you address being here…thought about it myself…but it’s a “choice”…not a requirement…don’t understand how that got ugly so quickly. It’s too bad it had to turn out this way. I love this group!!!! Thanks Effy♥♥
    17 hours ago · Like · 2

    Kelly Bean me too!
    17 hours ago · Like · 1

    Lori Gloyd She was way out of line, Effy, and I am glad she’s gone.

    • Who are you that you would post the Facebook name of people who have not posted or commented here? Are you completely out of your mind that you think in defending Effy you can put all of these women at risk? Unreal. Lisa Gardner you should really think hard about asking to have this removed. Do these women know you posted this? Did you ask anyone’s permission before you took information from a private FB group and posted it here like this? I can’t even comment on all of your incorrect statements or statements about the past for sheer shock and insult that you would destroy the privacy of these women. These women are not even my friends. But you have just invaded them and have taken a private conversation entirely out of context. I have half a mind to email every single one of them and point them to what you have done.

    • wow. did you seriously think it was okay to post a private thread from a closed facebook group?
      i imagine people are feeling that their privacy is violated right now.

  25. WELL WE COULD ALL POST OUR INTERACTIONS BETWEEN US AND EFFY THAT WERENT NICE AND WERE AWFUL……………..WE ALL HAVE THEM!!!!!! SO ENJOY YOUR NEW GROUP AND Satina sorry also for turning this into this big thing but Effy is a liar and these people quoting are her sheep………and they all will see in time but we all have pages and pages of proof……………..

  26. kay

    I’m confused … are you anxious … more than anxious … to SAVE us “sheep” or are you bent on taking Effy down?

    • I am personally bent on making Effy STOP victimizing other women. Flat out. I am. And I was her victim and she knows what she did. In fact, she admitted it. Read up. I like how you want to make this about Effy bashing even though it is about speaking out and not allowing ourselves to be victimized or silenced! Like I said, come visit my blog and let’s talk. For real, openly, with our REAL names and all!

  27. Lisa Gardner

    Confused. If you set up a group, don’t you have the right to have control? Who said a group is a democracy? Who said freedom of speech is a right in a private group? The group owner sets up their own guidelines. I do not want to see advertising and people complaining…. just do art.

    • Is it your group to post Lori Gloyd’s private comment? You Lisa are disgusting!

      • Actually since you believe so firmly in transparency maybe you could list the entire list of addresses from the Happy Mail List here for us as well?! That way you could even further prove Satina’s original point?!

  28. There are quite a few fallacies here. And some humor (at least to me).

    You cannot sue or effectively threaten legal action because someone withdraws their voluntary support. Not even if they say why. I was threatened, begged and screamed at after posting this over a year ago, http://krissisandvik.blogspot.com/2010/12/falling-in-and-out-of-love.html and I didn’t even mention half of the nastiness that was going on behind the scenes.

    Also, as a public figure (sorta – there aren’t that many fans that I can see), Effy would have given up some of her right to privacy – especially since she seems to be giving even more than she’s getting. And since she’s going under an unregistered, assumed name … yeah, you see where that’s going. The threat doesn’t hold water. Threats of legal action in public rarely do – you really want to make someone stop doing something? Don’t warn them – just get a lawyer and go after them or at the very least, do some legal research and figure out what they supposedly did “wrong.”

    As for the humor, well, “Give that bitch some drama. Bitches LOVE drama.” Seriously, ladies, the backstabbing is so 2010.

    Besides, all of this has happened before and it will happen again:

    Replace “mineral makeup” with “mixed media” and you have http://glittersniffercomplaints.blogspot.com/ The glittermobbing from fans is identical (and cracks me up).
    Chick with fake name causes drama and disappears http://makingsnmusings.blogspot.com/2012/01/disappearance-of-indie-blogger-or-how.html

  29. HA! You are so funny!!!!!!! Followers! If you don’t want to be responded to –don’t comment–end of discussion…….So you can all go cackle and talk–I could give 2 shits about you……YOU just do ART…..and YOU won’t be addressed! YOU don’t need to stick up for her…You have just come to the party girls…….. ENJOY!

    • So shocked that Kelly Donovan decided to rear her ugly head here. Not shocked at all, actually.

      • Kelly Donovan is a wonderful and supportive artist who has offered her time and her kindness to countless others. I don’t know who you are and if you do not post your real name and your real website then you are just trolling. Don’t feed the trolls. But feel free to contact me on my website. I would love to discuss art with you anytime. I hope you can keep up!

      • i don’t know who you are “artist” but if you are such a coward that you cannot use your real name then go running back to your little group. Kelly has the nerve to put her name on everything she says.

      • Pixie Allen



  31. YEA AND EFFY–I MEAN ARTIST — YOU ARE SUCH A HIDER!!!!!!! IM not shocked at YOU though!!!!

  32. Just to be clear: I have no idea who Lisa is, and I do not condone the posting of private threads in public.

    I’m trying to locate this person. In the meantime, I would appreciate it if that comment be deleted. You *do* have my permission to include my remarks should you choose to edit out the other women’s coments rather than delete the entire comment. The other women’s comments, however, should not be left here. It is an invasion of privacy.

  33. Wrong. Not Effy. But this isn’t a game of twenty questions. It’s hilarious how you became part of this discussion when you really had no business here. Like drama? Call Kelly Donovan.


  35. And I think its some lame ass photographer who works at a bar! Cant get a job making money at what she thinks she is good at!

  36. anonymous :))

    What happened to Maisy??

  37. anonymous :))

    there is way too much anger and hatred being spewed to use a real name. I did notice Maisy wasn’t around and was just wondering if there had been an issue between her and Effy?? Innocent questions from a bystander. No hatred necessary.

    I am kind of interested why all of you will turn on anyone asking questions, making comments etc with such hatred. I am glad I did not use a real name. would have been very scary to have such anger directed at me, someone who knows very little, only what I have read. I need more information to make an informed decision. I only know from this incident it seems like Satina overstepped from what I have read. If there is more to the story I am uninformed. I have seen others part way quietly over the past year, with vague comments etc, heard rumors, but I know very little, nothing really.

    thanks, If you would seriously comment it would be appreciated rather than venting anger :))

    • I was never allowed to address what was done to me anonymouse {yea I added an e lolz} and thus what I have to offer comes laced with anger. You should see my art journal pages about this topic!

      I have not attacked anyone and I am not angry at anyone other than Effy. Although you really should Google the definition of an internet troll because when anyone posts in the middle of a big messy situation like this one and doesn’t use their name my response is going to be “I smell a troll”.

      I am a real live woman who was badly treated and had to deal with it for months alone {outside of private messages of support} until finally it started happening to another artist. And then another. And then suddenly artists who had been attacked by Effy began coming out and telling their stories. And for everyone of us who are publicly telling what was done to us there are 5 more who are still afraid of her and will not come out because of that fear.

      I cannot begin to imagine what has happened with Maisy. I know that she is battling with a condition that has nothing to do with this mess nor is it any of our business. If Maisy wants to tell her story she will. And if she doesn’t then she won’t. I couldn’t even properly think about it all when it first happened to me and I was just someone who was teaching classes for Effy for her Ning site. I can only imagine the betrayal I would feel if I were her business partner as well.

      I say lets leave innocents out of this. Lets keep the conversation centered around those who chose to post here and who do so openly and not with anonymouse names!

    • Pixie Allen


  38. OK, it’s time for me to tell my side of this story. I joined WildPreciousStudio to do a course and I loved it. I shared a lot of very personal stuff about my life, and that was my choice….I felt I was surrounded by like-minded women and relatively ‘safe’. Those first few months were great!

    Then there was a lot of talk from Effy about ‘trolls’ getting into things, making unwanted comments etc. At first I thought these ‘trolls’ were unknown persons……next there was a long diatribe from Effy about someone who she referred to as a ‘cowbag’ and had some quite nasty things to say about her. I began asking questions because the atmosphere in the ‘group’ I belonged to was turning sour.

    Then I found a few people who I considered online ‘friends’ had been kicked out of the group, removed and otherwise badmouthed etc., by Effy. I made a couple of supportive comments to these women, nothing inflammatory, only supportive (because, at that time, I didn’t know many of the details of how they had been attacked).

    Next thing I get a private message from Effy telling me I was ‘obviously torn’ and I should perhaps consider leaving! When I queried how it was interpreted that I was ‘torn’ (Effy’s word, not mine) she advised me that not only herself but also Maisy had observed my ‘torn’ remarks, and they had discussed it! She then offered me, in the nicest possible way to unfriend her and leave the groups I was currently in!!! I was shocked to the core at this as I had not ‘taken sides’ nor made any comments other than to tell the women who were feeling very unhappy at the way they had been treated, things like ‘keep strong’, ‘be calm’. ‘take a deep breath’ etc., etc. I told Effy I had no intention of leaving the 3 or 4 ‘groups’ I had joined, some of which I had paid my hard earned dollars for. This was towards the end of last year……looking back I should have taken Effy up on her offer to ‘remove’ me as from that time onwards I couldn’t bring myself to join in anything that she was involved in, I no longer trusted that my feelings would be respected nor safe!

    After that incident I began to hear about the things that had been done to many women…..so I was not alone, in fact, I felt I was in very good company.

    I’m sorry it took me so long to speak out about this, it did hurt me deeply at the time but I’m wiser online now and not nearly so trusting! As to the money I threw away on ‘courses’ I couldn’t complete, well, I’ve learned a bit about that too!

  39. Satina Scott

    For the record, I have NO respect for anyone who jumps into a fight anonymously with those who have the courage to identify themselves. No anonymous comments of any kind will be approved and all comments will be moderated from here on out.

  40. Oh my goodness! Effy tried to friend me a while ago, after I started joining in Amy’s online classes…I wasn’t sure who she was so I didn’t accept. I guess the Goddess was looking out for me that day.
    To all my friends here, I hope you all feel better after this venting, and less victimised in your unity.
    To those who have been encouraged to defend Effy’s atrocious behaviour, I wish you clarity of vision.
    And I am a Pagan…Effy your response to critisism does not show you in a good light. Blessed Be XXX

    • Satina Scott

      Gina, that’s why I left all the comments up, because Effy Wild is right, there are people out there right now being directed to her various entanglments. And they are clueless. Like I was. Like all these victims were. When people google her, I want them to know people are hurting and blaming it on her. And I want them to know other things I am learning, like the disturbing fact that she has many aliases, including Feithline Stuart. People need to know. She could be reaching out to you right now under her brand new alias, Glitter LaRue, and you wouldn’t even know it. I had NO idea what I was ‘outing’ when I revoked my endorsement of her, but what is coming out about her is truly frightening, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all of this finally brings to light some really dark truths about her and puts a stop to them. It’s time. It’s time for that clarity of vision. For all truths revealed. For wolves in sheep’s clothing to be held accountable. For the wheat to be separated from the chaff.

      • Well said Satina, people often complain at me for not hiding behind a false name, but I just can’t do it. If I do something that has offended I want people to let me know, so that I can learn from the experience. Such a closed mind has no place leading others. Blessed Be 😀 XXX

      • Satina Scott

        Wow, Gina, that is almost exactly what I said earlier in a private support group for people who feel hurt by Effy. That if I had led a group that ended up with several people (or anyone!) hurting that bad, it wouldn’t matter what my intentions had been or if I’d even done anything wrong at all. I’d want to LISTEN, not threaten cease and desist, and I’d do everything I could to find out and address whatever my part was in their pain. And I would absolutely in every single case no matter what refund any money they had paid! I will always do that anyway. I don’t want people paying for something and then resenting it. That is *terrible* money-karma.

  41. HI I feel lucky,.About 4 month ago I was in a group of Effy’s I had just joined and she had mentioned that she suspected that people where talking about her so I simply commented something about living your life inpendant of what others say.. I did not know her at all and meant it as encouragement my comment could not have been over 3 sentances and her reply was as if I had killed her cat.. It was so long I honestly did not read it all . I could see she was using my comment as a way of showboating in front of her followers and I decided not to feed into it . I felt it was strange , I felt she was strange to react so poorly to an innocent comment . So I left and later I wondered was it just a bad day for her?. So I decided to do a search and I found this ..I believe , I made the right choice to move on .
    I don’t know why she choose to use my comment in such a way and I don’t care . I am glad I did not stay or comment back . I felt very strongly that had I replied she would have turned it to seem as if I’d attacked her.
    Anyhow thank you all..for shedding some light on something that baffled me.

  42. I have never taken part of any of her classes or what not, but thank you ladies for coming forward and writing about your experiences. I prefer to do research on an someone who does online classes or workshops, for this very reason. I really dislike believing I am entering into a safe environment just to be proven wrong. It took a lot of courage to express your experiences here, and I am very thankful for finding this.

  43. Bex vanKoot

    Aaaaaand, just got permabanned and kicked out of all my classes for pointing out that stuff she posted was ableist and racist. Good times.

  44. You can add fraud to the list. I know someone who paid for membership in one of Effy’s courses. When she pointed out that one of the posts was offensive, she was summarily kicked from the group and thereby lost access to both the social network and the course materials that had been paid for. No refund was offered, and Paypal wouldn’t refund as they don’t do that for “intangible goods.” So, be warned. She will take your money then refuse to provide the services you paid for. And then she will say that she is covered by a “no refunds” policy.

  45. Michelle

    Glad I found this. I absolutely love some of the artists signed up to teach a series of classes with this person, whom I had never heard of until today. I Googled her to see some of her videos to see if I liked her methods since she will be teaching most of the classes. Instead, I find this. I dismiss a lot of the angry comments because people get upset when someone they know personally hurts them, but the comments by those not involved in the situation years ago who were also kicked out of groups…..NOPE.

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