Intuitive Guide Drawing Process

I wish I had the set of sketches to go along with this post, but I’ve moved a lot on my spiritual journey and I don’t know what happened to them.  I was asked in a comment what my process was for doing these, so I thought I would make it a post in case anyone else wanted to try it.

I’m a spiritual life and business coach and intuitive reader/healer in my other life, and what I would do is ‘tune in’, which is how I describe the process of going from primarily beta consciousness to alpha-theta, where we connect with intuition, then I would ask if a faerie or guide or angel or other being were there who would like to be drawn, then I would put pen to paper and just draw in a very free, semi-trance way, the same way I do a reading. I would spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes per sketch, and if I felt it wanted color, I’d use some colored pencil to quickly add it where it needed to be, and if a name came to me, I’d write that down, too.

I always make sure to protect myself beforehand so that only those beings who serve love and light can communicate with me.  I haven’t done this intuitive drawing process in a few years, actually.  I forgot all about it until someone suggested in a comment that I sketch my muses!  I will look around and see if those sketches are around here somewhere.  I will also see if I can set some time aside to do some more and post the results here.  🙂  Maybe I can even add doing sketches of people’s Guides to my services.  That might be fun…



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3 responses to “Intuitive Guide Drawing Process

  1. Thank you SO much! Is this a process you created, or learned? Speaking of “services,” would you teach / facilitate my learning to do this? The shift from Beta to Alpha-theta intrigues me … Clearly, although I know I do shift and can “feel” it when it happens, I don’t know how to shift at will. (BTW: I’m a Reiki II. I don’t know why I felt compelled to share that, but I did,)
    Namaste w/Blessings, Doree 8 :~D)>o

  2. “Double-diping” here :~)
    When I read your process, I remembered somethng from my life~
    About 2 years after I married, I started having dreams of a young, blond haired, blue-eyed boy. He always seemed to be about 8 years old–he’d never say or do anything in my dreams … just look at me and smile. .Finally, I took pastels in hand and drew his portrait from memory. He never appeared in my dreams again—though he did appear about 6 years later–as my first son! When he was about 8 or so, I happened upon the portrait I’d done. It was uncannily accurate!!!

  3. Satina Scott

    WOW! That is an amazing story! Gave me chills, or what I call God-bumps! Thank you for sharing that! I’d say you’re a natural and will probably learn very quickly. Sure, I can help you develop your intuition and help you shift states of consciousness at will. You are probably doing it anyway if you practice Reiki. I’m a Reiki Master as well, and my first Attunement was when I learned how to do it, then I’ve just practiced a lot. The process of Guide-drawing is something I taught myself while sketching one day. For this specific skill, we can focus on your clairvoyance, or clear-seeing, which as I said, you have a natural gift for anyway! Pop over to my other site at and you can leave me a note and we can schedule an initial session.

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