6 Sketches

Brushing up (haha!  Oh wait, I didn’t use a brush.) on my sketching to get ready for my Sketchbook Project.  Each sketch took me around 10 minutes, though I didn’t use a timer.

Sakura Identi-pen (which I am sorry to say I do not recommend) on sketch paper.  The pen can’t handle fast strokes and goes dry, at least on the extra fine end, since it’s dual-ended.



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5 responses to “6 Sketches

  1. You are SO good Satina. Best wishes on your Sketchbook project but from looking at your work there should be no problem. Wonderful assortment of sketched items. FAB!!

  2. Satina Scott

    Thank you Maryann! 🙂

  3. I always enjoy sketches of everyday things.

  4. dear satina the sketches are fantastic!

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