Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition

I did it.  I signed up for The Sketchbook Project.  I missed the deadline for the regular 2012 Sketchbook Project, but this year they’re doing another one with an April 30th deadline.  How the regular project works is you sign up and they send you a blank sketchbook, and you fill it up however you like and return it to them, and it’s catalogued and stored at the Brooklyn Library of Art, and whenever anyone checks it out to look at it, you’re notified!  If I had signed up last year and gotten my book turned in already, it would be going on tour starting in April before being catalogued at the BLA.  But with this project, instead a spread will be chosen from my sketchbook before cataloguing, and it will be published in a series of art books coming out in the fall!  5000 artists will be contributing…including MOI!  I’m so freaked.

I recently read Danny Gregory’s book, “Everyday Matters,” in which he deals with a trauma by teaching himself to draw, and in doing so, realizes it makes him look for and see beauty in everyday stuff.  That really made me want to do a similar sketchbook.  So I chose from the list of themes with that in mind, and my theme is Create and Capture.  I plan to do pen and ink sketches of everyday things in my own life, plus freeform line drawings (I should probably put some of those up here, since I don’t have any) and wing it other than that!

Pretty please send me positive vibes that the muses will be friendly!!!  I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going!

Oh, here is one of my freeform line drawings, because what’s an art blog post without a piccie?

It’s Sharpie on sketchbook paper, 9×12 inches.



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7 responses to “Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition

  1. Kel

    it’s a great opportunity Satina, and I’m sure you will find many rewards for stepping outside your comfort zone, ‘create & capture’ is a great theme, hope you have fun with it

    i took part in the standard sketchbook project and posted mine off a few weeks ago (this year it also tours to Melbourne, Australia – yayyyyy!) and have not yet felt ready to commit to the next one

  2. Heard of this project before – so glad that you are entered and sketching away. I send you love and energy and peace on your journey. Hugs.

  3. OF COURSE your Muses will be friendly & smile on you and your work! Thought: Why not JOURNAL about your personal muses? Name them, Identify their attributes, THEN draw their portraits to include with / in your 29 faces project?? You GO Woman!
    Namaste w/Blessings,
    8 :~D)>o

  4. Satina Scott

    Doree, that reminds me of when I was doing little visioning sessions and drawing spirit guides, angels, and faeries…thanks for the inspiration! Ha! You just became on of my muses! Where’s your piccie I can sketch? 😉

    • None available … not yet anyway… I’m taking the time, now, to work on ONLINE things. Playing catch up w./technology — How to blog, etc.
      I’m Very Interested in the the visioning sessions you mentioned. Could you say more about that? Procedures, etc?

  5. Satina Scott

    Sure, Doree. I’ll make it a post so you won’t miss it…well, if you’re following me. 🙂

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