Face #2

I made myself a (roughly) 5×5 inch journal to do my faces in.  I probably won’t use it…LOL…I’m flighty, after all, and I like to switch things up.  But I like making little pamphlet-stitch booklets and I had some extra Stonehenge paper sitting around cut up, so I tore it into 7 11×5 strips and folded them and punched them and sewed them up with the last of the dental floss.  Mmmmm cinnamony.  Then I drew her.  I used all kinds of markers and then watercolor paints to color her in.  She’s on cover stock (my absolute favorite Hammermill that takes markers better than anything I have ever tried ever), because I made the cover out of that.  I made the cover out of that because I thought I’d do the cover illustration in Sharpie.  That just didn’t work out.  I learned a lot today.  For instance, I have learned that I don’t really like doing faces in marker.  Hey, learning is good!  Here is she is (smiling for you, Maryann):

And then, because I took a picture of it, too, here is my journal page for today:

I like to write in multiple layers going all directions in multiple colors (Inkjoy pens today), then paint over that with watercolors.  Then add a little writing that sums up the theme of the whole process.  My Yarka paints are the sequel set, mostly light and bright secondary colors and tertiary colors (turquoise, fuschia, violets, etc.), so I did some mixing with them today to get some more organic colors.  I’m kinda tired of >gasp< fuschia.



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14 responses to “Face #2

  1. Beautiful Satina. Mkeep em coming! 🙂

  2. Nora Clemens-Gallo

    You did great! I like the expression on her face!!

  3. Love her Satina – of course especially her smile. She reminds me some of Effy before her pink and orange hair. Well done.

  4. I think she’s beautiful. Love that smile. The colors in it and the journal page are alive and exciting!

  5. Kel

    cinammon book binding stitches
    as is your artwork

  6. Satina Scott

    Aw, thank you everybody! LOL…yeah, I heard someone used dental floss instead of waxed linen thread to do a booklet and I had to try it. Mmmmmm…

  7. Satina Scott

    Oh hey, that’s a ‘small stone’ haiku, isn’t it? NEAT. Thank you!

    • Kel

      i seem to write in ‘small stone’ or haiku style a lot of the time, without even realising it 😉
      feels like a natural way to mindfully observe something and respond

  8. Anonymous

    I hope I can say this without sounding too critical. I like February’s face, but I loved January’s face. Is that ok? Did I do ok? I hope you’re not ad at me.



  9. great faces. love your colors! oh i almost didn’t find your comment link! thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  10. I think she is my favorite of all the Day 2 faces. She has such a wonderfully coy expression!

  11. She looks sassy, great face, especially her eyes.

  12. Satina Scott

    Thanks all! Re: the comment link, yeah, I love this theme’s background, it looks like watercolor paper, but I don’t like some of the other features, like the comments thing and trying to find old posts. Maybe I’ll play with that. Peggy, you didn’t make me mad at all! I assume you mean the green goddess face, and you have every right to your preferences. I like her best, too!

  13. Satina Scott

    And WOW Melisa, really? That is an honor!

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