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Watercolor Seascape

I got up before everyone else this morning and sat in the chair looking at the view we are leaving in a month.  I decided to get brave and do a watercolor of it.  I started with watercolor pencil, which really helped me get my shapes down, but it turned out way too light, so I painted over that with regular watercolor paint.  It’s 9 x 11 on Strathmore 140 lb watercolor paper.  I feel it captures the peaceful feeling I had this morning, and I am realizing that my own art is about capturing the energy of a moment, rather than its details.  So I’m pretty happy with it!  I don’t like working in a spiral though, I’ve decided.  I have some pre-cut 8 x 10 watercolor paper on the way that will be fun to experiment with instead.



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Sketchbook Product Pages and Scribble Faces

I have also been doing sketchbook pages!  See, I’m really not a slacker.  All the time.  In every way.  So yeah, anyway, Jerry’s Artarama sent me some free acrylic guoache paints to try out with my last very big order, so I did!  They are Turner Acryl Gouache, and they gave me a red, a yellow, and a blue.  They are FUN!  For one thing, they dry almost instantly after you lay them down, which makes for some interesting experiments for someone who likes spontaneous abstracts.  (Me me me!)  For another, their pigments are very vivid.  I will have to look into some other colors to try.  And no, they didn’t ask me to review these (please please please, art stores, send me free stuff to review!) and I am not getting compensated.  I just got free stuff cuz I have ordered so much stuff lately.  Here are the spreads done with them:

The page on the left above is mixed media, acrylic watered down with glaze added, water soluble graphite, yellow neon poster paint marker from Sharpie, and fuschia India ink.  The page on the right is more Turner Acryl Gouache.

I also played around with my new Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils on the right of this one, and did some more scribble sketches on the left:

I also did a mixed media page with the India ink and white acrylic paint:

And two pages of abstract watercolor experimentation:

Those are actually what made me want to try the larger watercolor paintings.

And hey, I’m totally going to count my scribble sketches as my ‘catch-up’ faces.  Heehee…now I believe I’m only 2 behind.

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New acrylic paintings!

I went on a painting spree!  I did all of these over the last four days.  I am really finding that for me, I MUST let the painting create itself.  If I try to control the process, I don’t enjoy either the process or the product as much.  If I just make each stroke as it channels through me, what results is alive and wonderful, in my opinion.  I did two paintings the first way, one that is representational, a painting of our view here at the house we will be leaving in a month to move back to Boise.  I’m not that pleased with it, but I’m glad I did it so I’ll take a piece of what was good about this place with me when I move:

16 x 20 acrylic on canvas board.

This second one I did for my 13-yr-old daughter in her favorite colors, so it was half-controlled and half-spontaneous.  I like it more, and my partner says I may have to do another for Ivy because she wants this on the wall in the living area instead.  🙂

Next are 3 12 x 16 paintings done on canvas board.  All of these paintings were done with my new Daler-Rowney System 3 Heavy Body Acrylics, which I just used for the first time, and I love them very much.  I also much prefer working with anything but brushes.

This one is done in thin glazes scraped on with an old credit card:

This one is done with various palette knives:

It is entitled, “Move,” and is my favorite work I’ve done so far.

This one is done with a combo of the credit card and palette knives:

This is the kind of painting that makes me feel like I just can’t wait to get into the studio.  I did these three abstracts all on the same day, and the coastal scene and the one for Ivy on a different day.

I did a fourth abstract after these three that I tried to control, and it turned to crap.  So I used my (becoming most beloved) old credit card to scrape it down and then used some watered down paint mixed with glaze squirted out of a bottle with a tiny tip to do some painting over the resulting underlayer.  It looked really fabulous but a bit unintentionally gruesome.  So I tried to calm it down and it turned to crap again.

Lesson learned:  let the painting be what it will be.

I scraped everything off and put gesso over the whole thing and will start again, letting my intuition drive once more.


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New watercolor paintings!

I am not a slacker!  Well, okay, I kind of am and kind of ain’t.  I haven’t done my faces.  And I obviously haven’t posted in several days.  But I have been painting like crazy!  For one thing, I’ve been experimenting with larger abstract watercolors, which I have found to be quite challenging.  Here are my favorites:


8 x 10 watercolor on Stonehenge.

8 x 10 watercolor on Stonehenge.

5 x 7 watercolor on Stonehenge.

7 x 5 watercolor on Stonehenge.

I have done some acrylics, too, which I will post in a post of their own!

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Faces # 18 and 19, Sketchbook pages

I drew the continuous line drawings for these faces about a week ago, then painted them the last couple of days.  # 18 on the right, Blue Woman, was a laborious painting during a bad night.  I like the way she FINALLY turned out, but I didn’t like how much I had to work and re-work her.  I was cut-off from my flow, and I felt it.  But doing the blue side opened a bit of flow for the red side, which came more easily and also, fittingly enough, represents more of how I was feeling.  I think I was afraid to let it out in my art, so I tried to make the blue woman pretty, but when I started painting the red woman, I saw my feelings manifest in the paint.  It happened, like the best art always does, rather than me making it.  I like her.  These are done on the Sketchbook Project pages I hand-tore to size and will go in the Sketchbook:



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Face # 17 – Vampire

This isn’t one of those sexy, True Blood or Twilight vamps, but when my line drawing came out looking a bit Bram, I went with it.  I actually wasn’t yet depressed when I painted this, believe it or not, and had a total blast:


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Face # 16 Zombie

I’ve been doing art, but also been climbing my way out of a depression so not interacting with others, so I haven’t been posting it.  Now, I am not into zombies like so many are these days, but when my line drawing turned out too pretty and boring, I decided she really needed to be one.  So here she is.  I am going to gift her to just the right zombie-lover, so if that’s you, let me know.  🙂  She’s about 7×10 inches on hand-torn Stonehenge:


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