Journaling Deep

As you have probably noticed, I often go very deep in my art and art journaling and explore some very deep, personal, and dark themes.  Honestly, you won’t see most of those pages here.  But I take art and art journaling very seriously and want to provide a place for those who feel the way I do to gather and share the process.

I have created a closed facebook group called Journaling Dark and Light.  No one except approved members can see the posts or albums in this group.  Anyone who wants to go deep in their art and journaling and can handle watching others bleed out on the page is free to join.  Just click on the button on the page above the description to send me a request.  Due to the very intimate nature of the group, please don ‘t join unless you at least intend to talk, if not share art yourself.  This is not a place to lurk.  This can be a place to talk, share art, support one another, and to recieve support when you need it.  I will share totally optional prompts as well as links I feel may be relevant to personal growth.  And I will work very hard to keep it a SAFE PLACE.

Journaling Dark and Light  <—Click here to request membership.

(“Surrender”, done in pencil on sketchbook paper.  It would seem an extremely mild example, but if I shared the processing behind it, that would be the kind of thing shared in this new group.)

Please do feel free to tell others about it!  I personally have not been able to find a forum for this type of sharing.



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4 responses to “Journaling Deep

  1. You are so right that journaling is such a personal thing – there are definitely some journal pages that I keep private because of what they helped me process. Surrender is a very powerful piece of art!

  2. For me, Journaling Deep requires more than one “tool” … Art has always been my primary processing tool–even as an young adult/mom, when it was unwise for me put all my processing art in one handy place (journal). Writing, on the other hand, has always been secondary … Since I no longer feel the need to compartmentalize for “safety” and have started Art Journaling, I’ve learned that combining the two processes brings break-throughs I’d never imagined. Even now that it’s safe for me to journal (no prying eyes to read what I write), it seems I still have better results when I adhere to the old routine of doing the art work around an issue first. That seems to initiate a process that allows me freer access to my unconscious material. That makes the more cognative process of writing easier for me.
    How do we join your new group?

  3. Satina Scott

    Thank you Jono and Carolynn, and Doree, just click on the link in the post and it will take you to the group. 🙂 Yes, our right brain doesn’t communicate in words but images, so if we do art AND writing, we’re engaging both sides and get a lot further and deeper.

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