I had better walk my talk here!  Last month I saw a journal entry that said, “You are meant to be seen.”  It just hit me.  It made me brave.  So I picked up a pen and started to draw my own portrait.  I did it freehand, no underdrawing, expressive line as close to real life, including the setting, as I could get it.  The shading is done with watercolor pencil.  She makes me very happy.



Filed under Drawings, Mixed Media

2 responses to “Self-Portrait

  1. Great job. I wouldn’t know where to start for myself.

  2. Satina Scott

    Thanks Sharon! One of my favorite artist/authors, Diana Trout of “Journal Spilling,” has a youtube video that takes the scary out of doing a self portrait for people who think they can’t draw: In my opinion, she takes the scary out of everything. Another art journaling guru of mine. Her book is the BEST.

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