Journal-making madness!

So yes, I love art journals.  I seem to be collecting/creating more journals than I do journal pages.  Ah well…I’m totally new to this and still getting my sea legs!  So anyway, I found this neat little Canson XL Mixed Media journal:

And I really like it.  It has a nice, soft, heavy feel in the hand, and pages with just a bit of tooth that will fun to experiment with colored pencils, regular pencils, watercolor pencils, and maybe watercolor crayons in.  But the cover was pissing me off.  It’s rubber and not that pretty, and everything I did to try and customize it rubbed right off.  So finally, I gesso’d it and then started throwing on the acrylic paint.  And that (above) went to this:



Now it’s mine!  🙂  It was sticky from the acrylics, and I tried many ways to remedy that before I crumpled up wax paper and rubbed it down, and that worked!

Okay, so then I was reading some new art journaling books I got, and I was doing some deep self-exploration on what appeals to me in this area of art and what doesn’t.  I realized I was looking at the work of others and immediately deciding whether I could do that, how I would do that, what weird supplies I’d need to collect, etc…and never asking myself do I even WANT to do that?  So I journaled on that, and I made a list of the kinds of ephemera and ‘journal fodder’ (word from Daisy Yellow) I prefer, and I realized I do NOT want to become a hoarder and just save all the magazines, clippings, scraps, and junk that I’ve been saving since I started this in December.  I don’t like living that way.  I don’t hoard.  In fact, I have given up all my possessions more than once and lived on the road, and I love the exhilaration that comes with knowing what you have and squeezing every bit of juice out of it.  So I got very excited and created a Junk Mail Journal.

I’m totally with Julie Andrews.  I love brown paper packages tied up with strings.  So that’s what I did with the cover of my Junk Mail Journal.

I made it intentionally sloppy so that I would be FEARLESS in sticking things in it.  And I will be decorating it more and adding a cord from my daughter’s new doll’s packaging, to tie it closed.

It’s made out of a used composition notebook covered with super-wrinkled brown kraft paper that came out of packaging, reinforced ala Tangie Baxter’s method with hemp cord.  The first spread is made up of only what I got in the mail over the last month, including junk mail, bills, letters, and product packaging.  I have set rules for myself, because I love the creativity that comes out of that.  I can only use what comes in the mail or that comes into my life in the day (receipts, etc.) and Sharpies, a ballpoint pen, and a pencil.  I use this awesome Pioneer Extra Strong Embellishment Glue Stick, which holds way better than regular glue sticks, a stapler, packing tape, masking tape, and my scissors with fancy edges, and that’s it.

Here’s the inside cover, embellished with the latest shipping label:

And here’s the back pocket I put in, made out of a small bubble envelope from the mail, that holds the pens I’m allowed to use:

Here is my first spread.  I was so excited and had such fun doing it that my hands were practically shaking.  It was pure, playful art journaling ice cream with awesomesauce.

Want to play along?  Please do!  I started a new challenge for it over on



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9 responses to “Journal-making madness!

  1. LOVE this! It is beautiful!!
    Donney Downey says that when your pages are sticky…sprinkle a little baby powder on them and they won’t stick :)!

  2. Jennifer A Rose

    how very awesome is this, thanks for all the pointers I love this whole idea

  3. Wonderful!! Just love it; gives me ideas. Also like what you did to the Canson cover.

  4. Anonymous

    Love it! I have a half finished junque journal around here somewhere and mine is like yours, not like the fancy embellished one in that video that someone linked to. Mine also has fruit stickers, movie tickets, clothing labels and things like that because I don’t really get a lot of junk mail since I moved a few years ago. I guess they haven’t found me yet. 🙂 I also put stuff like that in my regular journal a lot so my junque journal never got finished but I really enjoyed it.

  5. Kel

    such journal scrumptiousness you share

  6. Satina Scott

    Thank you everyone! I really hope you all try it! Come share your results on my new challenge page on:

  7. robin

    I LOVE it Satina – the way it turned out and that you found the process that made you happy.

  8. I love the painted covers, awesome job!

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