The Joy of Painting!

I have discovered The Joy of Painting. Not the TV show, which I used to love to watch just to see that guy be so passionate and joyful, but my own joy in it. I never had that. Never. After a year of art school in which I learned to hate art, I never did another painting. But this weekend, I viewed some youtube videos on abstract art and KNEW that was what I wanted to do. So I did my first abstract painting since 1988! Another thing is that it was my first time using heavy body acrylics, namely Liquitex Heavy Body, and wow does that make the difference. I did NOT know what I was missing. Impasto…I love you. I broke all the rules here. I even threw down the brush five minutes in and painted with a couple of plastic palette knives, including the end of the handle! All this angst over what’s a good brush, how much should I pay, yadda yadda yadda…and I do my first painting, the first painting I did in pure joy, with 10 cent palette knives. I call it, “Anything But Brushes.” Here ya go:

I’m so stoked. Cannot wait to do more.



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8 responses to “The Joy of Painting!

  1. Your artwork is spectacular! I’m glad you are painting again!

  2. Satina

    Wow, Gayle, thank you so much! That means a LOT from you, considering I saw you ‘liked’ it and went to your site, learned about your book, “Thinking Out of the Frame,” and ordered it! I love your favorite links, too. You and I are all about the same things. 🙂

  3. You absolutely have a way with COLOR!! and isn’t it ironic that we can obsess and obsess over the right tools, and then end up tossing them? I found the paper coffee cups in Oregon fabulous for making marks when dipped in paint and rolled, or just rolled in wet paint.

    I’m glad you’re painting again too!
    xoxo chris

  4. Satina Scott

    Thank you so much, Chris! Yes, I couldn’t believe I found myself ignoring the oh…sixty odd brushes all over my table, taking up space, and just went crazy with a couple of plastic palette knives. It was awesome. So did you post the work you did with your ultra deluxe painting cups? 🙂

  5. Beautiful! I can see that you enjoyed painting it, too. But I’m a little worried because I never did go to art school and just last weekend I enrolled so I could fill in the gaps in my self-taught knowledge. Fist class is Friday. Eek! I hope it doesn’t suck the joy right out of me!

  6. Satina Scott

    Thanks, Melisa! I was a kid and didn’t know myself at all. Plus I’m sure classes aren’t as ‘stuck’ as mine were in 1988. You know what gaps you want to fill, and those teachers are there for YOU. Just keep in mind that even though they may teach you the rules, you’re there to get ideas and inspiration and guidance, but in reality there ARE no rules in art. Take what they give you and make it yours. With every assignment, don’t just stop with their idea. Think about what you love and incorporate THAT. That’s my advice! 🙂

  7. This painting is very strong and powerful. It has a lot of emotion and is very expressive.

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