Why? That’s Why!

I just read Diana Trout’s book, “Journal Spilling,” and if you have not read it, obtain it immediately by whatever means necessary.  Do your creative soul a favor!  It’s AWE-SOME.  And awe-inspiring!  So I finished it and sat right down with my journal to spill…and my inner critic smacked me down with a big ol’ WHY?  What’s the point? (of doing art and art journaling)  This happens nearly every time I sit down to create.  So I journaled on that…and my inner artist had a LOT to say back!  The left page (left brain?) is the question, and the right page (right brain?) is all the answers I could fit there.  I have since come up with more, and I encourage you to add any I missed in the comments!  I’m thinking seriously of doing a little journal just on this topic, with a page for each reason.  Or separate pages to hang on the walls around my work area!

Anyway, this is done with my beloved Inktense Blocks and Sakura Gelly Roll pens, Glaze and Souffle and Moonlight, as well as Marie’s watercolors, Crayola crayons, and Pro Art Liquid Metallic markers (so awesome!  will give them their own review!).  Oh, and there was journaling all over the page in Le Pen to start off with, but that’s not waterproof so it’s kinda gone.

Here’s the question:

Here is the right page, the answers:

Here’s the whole spread together:

Maybe it can even help put a lid on your own inner critic.  🙂



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4 responses to “Why? That’s Why!

  1. Felicia

    Love that book and your two-page spread! I agree 10000000000 percent!

  2. Satina

    Thanks, Felicia!

  3. It’s great to see pages full of contemplation. Keep going forward, the critic can sit on the bench and watch.

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