What is Fuschia?

This is an art journal post that began with the question, “What is fuschia?”  (to me)  It explores how I am looking for my meaning and purpose as an artist, and begins with the exploration of my favorite colors and themes.

Here is the whole spread, done in an 8×5 Strathmore 140lb w/c visual journal.  I am definitely tired of such a small space and am looking forward to my 9×11’s getting here.  Anyway, here’s the spread:


Totally mixed media.  Inktense Blocks as foundation on top of Sakura Souffle pens for the resist, then  just going wild with all kinds of pens, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, doodads and whatnots.  Here is the left page:


Here is the right:



Here is a closeup of the necklace chain and miniature handcuffs on the left:



And the right page has more necklace chain, some connected to an ID holder with canceled Australian stamps and some fuschia confetti inside, some of it with a black heart dangling, so I moved those out of the way for this pic, so you could see the detail of the little plastic monkeys strapped to the page with black vinyl and painted to look like they’re in restraints, next to the info about the gay flag.  The quality of this picture is kinda bad, sorry:



There are also square Beddazler crystals in all four corners of the spread.  Here is the entire right page with the ID holder and dangling heart moved out of the way:


This is also for the color challenge on my Blissfully Art Journaling yahoo group.  Enjoy!  Questions welcome!   Oh, the dates are still screwed up on my camera, by the way.  This entry was started last night in bed and finished today.



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8 responses to “What is Fuschia?

  1. Great journal page, love all the details.

  2. One word: AWESOME!!!!!

  3. thepinkrachael

    I love fuschia too! And -I agree, it can be princess-girly, or bold-screw you or many different feelings all at once, nice interpretation! I used to have earrings like those handcuffs too!

  4. betzzz

    pretty color! love the artwork

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