Inktense Blocks Review

Okay, so I got a few new art supplies and thought I’d post a bit of a review here.  First up is Derwent Inktense Blocks.  OMG…LOVE THEM.  Love them so much.  They are hard little sticks of color that when wet, become inky and permanent.  You can dip the end in water and draw and color/paint with them, which is fun and what I did here:

As you can see, the colors of these things is INTENSE.  Love it.  I also love to use them as pan watercolors, brushing down their sticks with a wet brush.  I love pan watercolors for their convenience, and these are even better because rather than tiny half-pans or even full pans that I have to dab and scrub, I just stroke down the length of these.  Um, this is sounding dirty.  Sorry.  But anyway…the color lifts from the blocks super easily and it’s so vibrant it’s ridiculous.  And unlike watercolors, it dries permanent so your work stays put and you can do more work over it.  Here’s my quickie sketch done that way in my Strathmore 140 lb watercolor journal:

I got the fuschia on my hands, so I sprayed the facing page wet and then wiped the color off my hands onto the page and massaged it in.  This is the result, to show you the intensity of this color saturation:

I also got some Portfolio water-soluble oil pastels and did a painting, but my camera turned it BLUE so I’ll have to try and get some shots outside or something to get the coloring right.  They lay down like lipstick, so glidey-nice, and they’re also very vibrant.  I don’t like that I can’t work over them, though, and that I have to blend away all the little remnants of pastel after I color.

I also got a Tradio Fountain Pen and I love the way it slides over smooth paper.  I got some Golden gesso, both black and white, and it’s so smooth the fountain pen works great on it, so I took this picture of my signature written with the pen over the gesso:

I love Golden’s gesso.  It’s so velvety smooth I can’t keep my hands off it.  I’ll never go back to Liquitex.



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6 responses to “Inktense Blocks Review

  1. Jane T

    Love how colorful that is. Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you Jane! Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Talk about VIBRANT color! way cool.
    Happy New Year,

  4. thepinkrachael

    Those colours are so bright and vivid – I want some now! Wish I’d seen this before Santa came 😉 I want them just for the pink in fact!!

  5. LOVE IT! I quite agree w/you about Golden’s gesso, BTW
    Happy New Year
    § :~D)>o

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