Testing my homemade stamps

I carved some relief letter stamps out of craft foam from the Dollar Store (soooooeasy) and tested them out on this page using glossy enamel craft paint on a book page.



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2 responses to “Testing my homemade stamps

  1. Please tell me how you did your stamps! Thanks!

  2. Satina

    It is so easy it’s ridiculous. 🙂 I cut the craft foam into rectangles roughly 1 and a half inches by 2, just my choice. Then I took a ballpoint pen and wrote the letters on each one backward. Then I just pressed hard, went over and over the letter, then clicked in the tip and pressed hard over and over with the end of the pen. I could see the letter through the other side, so to make placement more sure, I used a Sharpie to just write the letter on the backs. Then I took Americana Glossy Enamel craft paint and just painted over the letter roughly, leaving edges, and pressed down! The edges of the painted area showed and the letter was left in the relief. It looked different the first time, so I kept stamping and got different looking results as the paint got stamped off.

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